How to Pick the Right Legal Defense Team in Australia

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If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime, you probably need the best resources and expert guidance to walk you through that daunting journey. Just like you wouldn’t turn to an audiologist to treat a stomach upset, so should you go to a criminal defense attorney. Hiring the right legal defense team when facing criminal charges increases your chances of finding the right solution for your case. You want your case to be in good hands regardless of the outcome. Nonetheless, selecting the right legal defense team isn’t as straightforward, and a majority of people wouldn’t even know where to begin the search. In this article, we will walk you through the steps and provide useful tips to help you choose a good defense team best suited for your case.

Ask for references

This is probably your first charge when you have no idea where to begin looking for the right legal defense team for your case in Australia. Approach your friends, family, co-workers, and other trusted sources for recommendations. A good defense team will be easy to find with a good reputation speaking for its services. If you’ve interacted with other lawyers, you could ask them to recommend attorneys specializing in criminal law. Take advantage of their professional networks.

Know your legal needs

Whether your case is a minor or a major one, seeking the best legal advice is paramount. Your defense team plays a huge role in determining the end results of your case. Specify that you need a team with immense knowledge and exposure in dealing with criminal cases like the one you are facing. Ensure that the lawyers in the team specialize as criminal defense attorneys.

Pick experience

Apart from necessitating that you need a defense team highly experienced in handling criminal cases, you might want to dig a little deeper into how long the team has been in business. Like many other professionals, the higher the experience level, the better the services. Check out if your prospective law firm has a business website and what services they offer. Inquire directly how long they’ve been offering these services. Your chances of a winning increases significantly when your case is handled by an experienced defense team.

Scrutinize the team

While individually, a lawyer might be exceptionally gifted, preparing a court case is definitely not a one-person job. A team brings forward various components that compliments each other, making the best defense strategy in court. Make an effort to meet all members of the team and interview them to see their strengths and weaknesses. Ask about every individual’s experience and skills in handling criminal cases. If you are not sure what questions to ask, you can consult with the experienced criminal lawyers at Astor Legal and ask them what qualities you should look for in an experienced legal defense team. They will surely point you to the right path.

Read reviews and ask for clientele referrals

While it’s good to know that your prospective defense team is highly experienced, you might want to verify the information gathered. Browse the company’s website to find what previous clients have to say about the defense team. Bad reviews are clear red flags alerting you to back out. Ask the firm to hand in a list of clientele referrals whom you can approach for more unbiased information about the company. A confident defense team should be happy to hand in a list of clients who can narrate the experience working with them.

Communication is key

You want a defense team that strives to keep the relationship with clients alive. Going through a criminal case is enough stress. Additional communication constraints between you and your defense team is going to be counter-intuitive. Pay attention to how the team responds to your calls and meetings. Study how they plan to handle your case and how they explain it to you.

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