How To Prepare Yourself For A DWI New York State Case

How to Prepare Yourself for a DWI New York State Case
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Driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired would mean that a driver is under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol. In New York, a blood alcohol content or BAC result of 0.08 or higher is solid evidence of a DWI. It is a serious offense because DWI can pose a risk to the health and safety of other people. Facing a DWI case can significantly affect your life, including your career, family, and social relations.

This is why you have to prepare yourself in dealing with the legal aspect of your DWI case. Start by hiring a DWI lawyer. Below are helpful preparation tips for a DWI case:

Prepare Yourself for a DWI Case by Hiring a Lawyer

In New York, the first conviction for a DWI is considered a misdemeanor, which entails a fine or penalty of $500 to $1,000. The jail time is up to 12 months or one year, which would warrant hiring a lawyer. If you’re facing a DWI case, the first thing you have to do is to hire a trusted, reliable, and reputable DWI lawyer, such as one from This step is crucial to ensure that any action you do or words you say would be carefully assessed to avoid being used against you.

While the arresting officer has seemingly followed the right procedure, there could be loopholes in the process that only an expert lawyer can handle. From the preparation phase, negotiation, to court trial, having a lawyer by your side will make you more confident and assured that your DWI case would be handled accordingly, with your rights and best interests prioritized and safeguarded.

Here are some helpful tips when hiring a DWI lawyer:

  • Check the DWI lawyer’s reputation by reading testimonials and comments offline (previous interview clients, referrals, newspapers, etc.) and online (review sites, social media, and other resource hubs).
  • Ask the lawyer about their previous experience handling a similar DWI case in the state of New York. How many cases do they handle every year? This question will enable you to gauge the experience and expertise of the DWI lawyer.
  • While driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) are usually interchanged, these are different crimes in New York. A first-time driving while ability impaired (DWAI) offense includes up to $500 in fines in New York with a maximum jail sentence of 15 days and driver’s license suspension for 90 days. A second offense would mean up to a 30-day jail sentence, and 180 days for the third offense. So hiring a lawyer who knows about DWI laws in New York should be considered to help you reduce your jail sentence and fines.
  • Ask about the possible outcome of your case. You don’t want to waste your time bargaining for your freedom and resources just for nothing. Hiring a DWI attorney should involve knowing the strength of your case to avoid costly expenses, as well as for a faster resolution of the case.
  • Evaluate the communication skills, trustworthiness, and problem-solving skills of the lawyer by asking questions relevant to your DWI case during your initial interview. It will give you an idea if you’re comfortable and confident to entrust your case to the lawyer.

Prepare Yourself for a DWI Case by Hiring a Lawyer

Be Prepared By Putting Everything in Writing

In New York, DWAI means having a BAC that is below .08 percent. On the other hand, a DUI will be charged to a driver who has a BAC of .08 percent and above. In any legal case, circumstantial evidence is important, and before a BAC test is performed, the arresting officer should state a good reason why you were asked to pull over.

Your lawyer will tell you to write everything you remember about the incident, from where you came from, and where you were heading to when you were driving. It’s important to write down the possible reasons why the police officer asked you to pull over. Also, you have to take note of how much alcohol or drug dosage you’ve consumed if applicable.

Narrating and writing down all the details in a chronological and clear manner will help your DWI lawyer assess the possible outcomes of your case and better prepare you for trial as necessary. A good lawyer will also gather sufficient evidence that can help reduce your fines and penalties, and possibly dismissing your DWI case. Be honest and provide your DWI attorney with all the information they need for a quicker resolution of your case.

Know Everything Before the Court Trial

While your lawyer would know what to do and say on the date of the court trial, you have to work with your DWI attorney so you’ll be equipped with the right knowledge and skills needed for the case. You’ll be prepared to answer the possible questions that will be thrown your way by the prosecution and avoid saying anything that may incriminate yourself.

A good DWI lawyer will do mock-up question and answer portions of the trial to help you build confidence and remain calm during the most awaited day. Work with your lawyer closely for a more successful outcome of your DWI case. Working with a New York DWI lawyer will ensure that you’ll benefit from their connections and knowledge about the police and judicial procedures relating to your case.


Preparing for a DWI case in New York is something you should not take lightly because your career, family life, and your future are at stake. Try to remember everything that happened on the day you were arrested and put them in writing. Don’t compromise your freedom and your rights by choosing to represent yourself if you don’t have any legal background or by hiring any DWI lawyer who offers the cheapest professional legal fees.

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