How to Protect Yourself from Unemployment During the Pandemic?

Do You Need an Attorney to File for Unemployment?

The year 2020 has proved a disaster for the employment ratio all over the globe. As a rough estimate, unemployment during the last three month has been increased to almost 70% globally, and India is one of those countries which suffered the most in context to unemployment during the pandemic. Various factors are responsible for disturbing the employment balance during this period of crisis, and here are some important factors to protect yourself from unemployment:

Knowing the labour law:

It is necessary to update yourself related to the national and international labour laws to protect yourself from unwanted situations at your workplace. In India, labour law is clearly described in the constitution, and it is necessary to know all the essential points to save your employment status. A piece of useful advice to protect from unemployment is to seek services of an employment lawyer who can guide you related to labor law as well as updated employment strategies in your country.

Work from home:

All affected countries from the pandemic have preferred the work from a home model of employment instead of walk-in practices to avoid the spread of infection. It is a smart move to file your request to work from home to avoid unemployment. It is maybe impossible to join your regular workplaces, especially during the lockdown periods so, work from home will allow you to keep your wheel moving rather than being jobless because of unnecessary absents from your regular workplace.

Time management:

The current period of the pandemic has caused disturbances in nearly every aspect of life, and it is hard to keep up the things in regular and consistent patterns. In that case, it is essential to invest your time in smart ways to avoid unwanted issues. A careful analysis has shown that professionals who are better in investing their time are getting more employment status during the pandemic. It is also necessary to put your eggs in different baskets to prepare yourself for any mishap.

Learn new skills:

This is probably the most important investment of your time and energy to learn new skills during the period of the pandemic because working from home can provide enough time to gather your concentration over something creative. A single skillset is not enough to keep your wheel moving. It is experienced that professionals who have more skills are being preferred over those who have a very narrow skillset because they can manage more tasks efficiently in the current period of crisis.

Investing layoff period:

A layoff period is defined as the time in which an employee can stay in a company without working. This is very true during the pandemic, and many companies have provided a layoff period to their employees. In this period, you can agree on terms with your employers to stay in the company without working, but you can have your pay during this layoff period. If your employer is not paying you the decided amount during this period, you must know your employment rights, and thus, you can claim your payment. However, staying absent after decided layoff period can cause permanent termination.

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