How Truck Accidents Are Different From Normal Car Accidents

truck accident lawsuits
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While it should be clear enough to the ordinary person why truck accidents and car collisions are different, many people don’t know about the complex issues behind the scenes. A truck crash involves many different challenges and parties than a small vehicle accident. Commercial trucks can do far more damage than the average automobile. Here are some things you might not be aware of.

Specialized Training

Truck drivers are required to have extensive training and education before legally being able to operate commercial vehicles. They have a special license that requires them to go to trucking school or participate in distinctive programs taught by other companies. The case can be taken to the organization if they deliberately hired a truck driver who is inexperienced and does not possess the essential documentation. The other party can sue the commercial business for negligence. While the victim party can only sue the driver in a car crash.

Truck Accident Injuries

Among the key differences between a car and a truck crash would be the seriousness of injuries caused to either driver, passengers, or any innocent bystanders. For many motorists, semi-trucks are a nightmare because these large vehicles can kill bike riders more quickly than other drivers. These trucks can weigh over 75,000 pounds when they are fully loaded, which against a 3,000-pound car can result in a devastating collision. Therefore, truckers are generally required to have a more extensive insurance policy that covers more liabilities.

Key Differences in Liability

A standard car crash has only a few parties, the drivers of each of the vehicles. If the driver doesn’t own the automobile, then the original owner or the employer, if the car belongs to the company where the driver works, can be held responsible. As complicated as that might sound, truck accidents are even more so. There are many parties and many issues involved in a truck collision.

Truck drivers hardly ever own the vehicle themselves. Therefore, the accident highly depends on the organization the driver works for and the nature of the relationship between them and the company that owns the truck. Not only that, there are many more things that are taken into consideration, like whether the truck was hooked to a fully loaded trailer, an empty container, or it was riding without being hooked to anything.

Things can get even more complicated by taking a look at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, as they indicate that the truck and the trailer are considered to be separate commercial properties. They could belong to the same organization or different. The authorities may hold only the truck owner responsible, and the trailer owner is held accountable in many cases.

Other than the driver and the owner company, it is also possible that the business who loaded the goods in the trailer be held responsible. The shippers, loaders, freight forwarders, brokers, or consignees might be accountable if the cargo caused the accident. It could be because it was not safely placed, and the items made the trailer unbalanced.

Reasons to Involve an Attorney

A truck accident can involve much more money than a regular car crash. There are many things that need to be taken into account. An experienced lawyer will consider the different parties, conduct a proper investigation of the scene, and file the appropriate documentation. Along with all that, they also know the things that can make your case better and the way to present them. Contact Keith Magness if you live in New Orleans and want a great truck accident attorney.

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