Interesting Class Action Trends for 2019

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The class actions sector is booming. People from all walks of life can now see and understand just how effective this type of legal action can be. As a result, demand is up.

Each new high-profile class action settlement that is reported on by the press brings a whole new wave of interest in this type of litigation. Class action attorneys are certainly not short of work. However, as always, some fields are busier than others. For class action trends, 2019 has been an interesting year, so far.

Workplace litigation

For many years now workplace litigation has been increasing. There is growing pushback from the working population against being forced to work crazy hours, in poor conditions and for very little pay. In non-unionized workplaces, class-actions are seen by many as the most viable way to get their voices heard and drive change.

In the past few years, large firms like Google and Walmart have been taken to court by employees using class-actions. In both cases, these firms have ended up having to make changes to the way they run their businesses. The volume of workplace class-actions has now reached the point where it is starting to have a big impact on the environment people have to work in.

However, there are also signs that workplace litigation may start to decline. It has now been confirmed that firms can bar their employees from pursuing collective arbitration. This is bound to have an impact on the number of workplace class actions we see in the years to come.

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The rise of the food class-action lawsuit

For some time now, class-actions that target the food industry has been a growth area and this is a trend that has continued into 2019. The number of food class action suits has risen by 9%. Most of that growth has come from the states of California and New York, where this type of litigation.

Global class actions and collective redress

Rather than acting for clients on a local or countrywide scale more class-action lawyers are working on global cases. Manufacturers, in particular, are being brought to book by consumers from several different countries at once.

Raising claims in several different fora and sharing discovery is a very effective way of uncovering the full picture. Evidence that may not be available to one set of litigants because of local regulations can be uncovered in another country. When it is, the whole story is revealed and the direction the case needs to take to be one becomes far clearer.

You can read more about the global class action trend and how this form of litigation is impacting retailers and manufacturers, by clicking here.

Investor class actions

Shareholders, in particular, are taking action in this way. Investor litigation is another growth area. Mechanisms that allow shareholders to take action against companies more easily are starting to make a difference. Litigants can now sue in their own country, rather than relying on the American courts. This is leading to huge class-actions in many different countries. For example, investors are currently pursuing Volkswagen for more than 9 billion Euros.

Class-actions are complex and difficult to put together. But, the benefits of acting in this way for both the litigants and the lawyers involved means that we can expect to see far more of them in the future.

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