Jaburg Wilk Partner Neal Bookspan Named to Phoenix Conservatory of Music Board

Neal Bookspan
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Neal Bookspan was named to the Board of Directors of Phoenix Conservatory of Music.

Bookspan, a business law attorney and partner at Jaburg Wilk, said “I love music and have my entire life. PCM fills a vital need in our community providing quality musical education to the great music artists of tomorrow, as well as mentoring the students in areas including leadership and similar life skills.”

Phoenix Conservatory of Music has been serving the community since 1999.  As state funding for school arts programs have continued to decline, PCM has provided a workable solution by providing music education for school age children.  Selected as a Berklee College of Music to be a Berklee partner in Arizona provides students with the opportunity to engage with music students and teachers from one of the most prestigious music colleges in the country.

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