Jackson Walker Announces Julia Mann as Managing Partner of San Antonio Office

Julia Mann
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SAN ANTONIO,TX—Jackson Walker is pleased to announce the appointment of Julia W. Mann as managing partner of the San Antonio office. Julia is the first woman to hold that position since the office opened in 1991, and the second-ever woman to serve as an office managing partner in the Firm’s 132-year history.

“Julia represents the kind of leader Jackson Walker looks for and celebrates. She is committed to her clients and has a take-charge attitude,” Firmwide Managing Partner C. Wade Cooper said. “Julia’s new role in San Antonio is a tangible example of how we’re working hard to recruit, develop, and promote excellent lawyers who will be great leaders.”

“Jackson Walker fosters an entrepreneurial environment that I’d like to continue. I am excited about this opportunity to help lead the charge in growing our diverse practice space to serve San Antonio and beyond,” Julia said.

As an experienced litigator, Julia Mann helps clients solve their problems in crisis situations. Whether it is a dispute with a customer, a supplier, an employee or even their own business partner, Julia utilizes her knowledge of the client’s industry combined with the avenues for dispute resolution to reach an outcome consistent with the client’s business goals.

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