Kyle Anne Citrynell Guest Lectures at Hadley Creatives Program

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LOUISVILLE, KY—Intellectual Property Attorney Kyle Anne Citrynell serves as one of the guest lecturers for Community Foundation of Louisville’s Hadley Creatives Program.

When invited by the Community Foundation of Louisville for the second year in a row, Louisville full-service law firm Seiller Waterman LLC dispatched their Intellectual Property attorney Citrynell to lecture on Contracts and Copyright. She lectured to the fellows of a Community Foundation of Louisville(CFL) program called Hadley Creatives.

Citrynell lectured and is providing private consulting to this year’s class of 15 artists, including dancers, writers, visual, and media artists. Her talk focused on copyright, trademarks and trade secrets, with attention to contracts, employment and estate planning matters that have intellectual property implications for people who own intellectual property rights.


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