10 Green Card Mistakes People Often Make

The green card application process takes time as it is not just a process, but a journey one needs to take when aiming to become a permanent resident of the USA. There are many rules and regulations, but everything is available on the UCIS website

If you apply for a green card, it means that you are an adult and have the intellectual ability to understand basic English, even though speaking English is not an eligibility criterion for getting a green card.


Common Mistakes Green Card Applicants Make

  1. Many applicants think that USCIS will help them in the process, which they will not. The agency has outsourced assistance to different third parties that can guide you to the very end. But when all the paperwork is complete, USCIS will just analyze it, which is the end of it.
  2. Not being prepared is something that many applicants take lightly; they might have all the right documents and reasons. But when interviewed separately, their answers do not match, and they are denied.
  3. If you have applied for a Green Card and moved during that time, you will have to notify USCIS.
  4. Many immigrants leave the US without their case of getting a Green card being finalized. When a ten-year ban on immigrants was passed, many immigrants left for their home countries. USCIS has ways to keep the applicants in the country while the application is pending, but when applicants leave the US, their applications are deemed as abandoned and denied.
  5. Not knowing where to send the immigration documents. There are two main USCIS offices in the US, one in Phoenix and another one in California. Your application will be rejected if the documents are not sent to the right address.
  6. Usually, when a permanent resident file a petition for alien relative, they tend to lie about certain aspects, which can get their application rejected
  7. Having an affidavit for all the supporting documents is crucial. If you have some affidavit missing, then do not send in your documents. Until your documents are completed with all supporting documents, there is no point in sending the form.
  8. Supporting documents are required. If you have no proof to show that your immigration status is real, marriage is real, the job is real, the residence is real, then there is no point in sending in your application. It will be rejected.
  9. The I-90 form, or the green card renewal application, can take almost 21 hours if you plan on doing it in a day. It is a long and complicated process. It covers every aspect of the green card. Many applicants take this form lightly, and when they feel tired, do not fill the form in detail. If you do not properly fill the form, it will be rejected.
  10.  Sometimes, the applicant’s status is not understood by USCIS, which means they need to do background checks upon you entering the country. Either the airport authorities or the authorities on the border let you in. If your immigration status is still hazy, you might be detained and sent back to your home country.

Other Mistakes

Many immigrants who get the chance to land in the US make other mistakes that can get their application denied:

  • Careless attitude
  • Criminal behavior
  • Not taking US laws and regulations seriously
  • Trying to scam USCIS with unsupported lies.

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