3 Reasons Why Good Administration Staff Are So Important to a Law Firm

Behind every good law firm are good lawyers, but that isn’t all it takes to run an efficient and well-organized legal firm. Believe it or not, efficient and effective administration staff can, at times, be just as important. Without them, many day-to-day duties would not be carried out correctly and timeously, which could impact the efficiency of the firm. Good administration staff are extremely important in a law firm. Here are 3 of the reasons why.

Efficient Handling of Deadlines

Deadlines are very common in law firms, and whether these deadlines are met can depend on how efficient your administration team is. It’s also dependent upon the services and contracts they have in place to deal with last-minute scenarios. Office managers usually have contracts in place with courier firms such as reliablecouriers.com to ensure that things go without a hitch should, for example, a last-minute court paper need to be filed. 

Legal secretaries are needed to ensure that if an urgent document needs to be prepared, they can accommodate this with accuracy and efficiency. If your admin team can make things work like clockwork regardless of short or unexpected deadlines, it can make all the difference to your company’s performance.

First Impressions Count

A receptionist is often the first point of contact for anyone visiting your offices. How that receptionist behaves towards them can have a tremendous effect on a client’s perception of your company. It is also very important that they look professional and dress accordingly. If a client is greeted by someone who doesn’t make them feel welcome or makes them wait for a long time before being attended to, they are hardly going to feel reassured that the service your firm offers will meet their expectations. If, on the other hand, they are welcomed by a well-presented and friendly employee who is polite, courteous, and articulate, it will create a confidence in your client that your firm is one that prides itself on its professionalism. A similar scenario applies when dealing with incoming phone calls. An articulate, well-spoken receptionist will create a marvelous first impression. You might be surprised at how much of an impact your staff can have on securing (or deterring) new clients. 

Business Meetings

Perhaps you have a very large company you are looking to secure as a client or are meeting with an existing client for a formal luncheon. Efficient administrative staff will ensure that you have everything you need to hand. From setting up laptops and projectors to ensuring that coffee and tea facilities are made available throughout your meeting, their ability to handle things correctly could make all the difference. Perhaps you want to arrange a conference call with a potential new employee – a highly efficient administrator can arrange it all for you. If you have reliable and efficient administrative staff in place, it will not only save you time and money but could save you lots of unnecessary stress.

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