3 Things You Need to Know About Representing Yourself in a DUI Case

We’ve all heard quirky quotes about the unwise decision of representing yourself as a lawyer in a court case. The point is to drill in how unwise it would be to represent yourself in a legal matter. Lawyers with years of expertise know to hire a colleague to represent them in a case.

It’s often an unwise decision. Lawyers have studied the law and have experience in trial law and areas of expertise. A divorce lawyer may not have as much knowledge when it comes to a case involving a DUI.


You still have the option to forgo legal representation and represent yourself in court.

Are you facing a DUI and wondering what is the best way to represent yourself in a court hearing? Keep reading for three things you’ll need to know.

1. When Representing Yourself, You Need to Produce a Legitimate Defense

There is a lot that goes into becoming a lawyer. Attending law school and passing the bar exam is just the beginning. It’s courtroom experience that separates good lawyers from the best attorneys.

When considering representing yourself in court on a DUI case, there is research that needs to be done. Most lawyers have access to paralegals and extensive law libraries.

They also know how to create a legal defense based on the information and evidence presented. If you do not know the language or how to get the prosecutors to turn over evidence, it will negatively impact your case.

2. You’ll Need Access to Legal Experts

One of the huge benefits of choosing a law firm to represent your case is access to legal experts. If you hire a DUI lawyer, they will have investigators. They can dig up information on the arresting officers’ arrest records, and how many cases have been tossed.

You’ll need connections and know-how to get access to this information. You’ll also need to know what evidence is allowable, and which is not. It often comes down to the judge presiding over the case. Will you know how to counter any objections made by the prosecution?

3. Your Case May Get Complicated

The big pros and cons of representing yourself in court are how to deal with complexities that arise. If your case becomes complicated, will you know how to overcome the hurdles? There are things that could arise that will cost you big time if you do not know how to address them.

There is the potential of ruining your chance of filing an appeal.

Know When to Hire a Qualified DUI Lawyer

Representing yourself in court may sound like a good idea in the beginning. As you progress through the courts there may come a time when you need to get an actual lawyer. Believe it or not, the judge will oblige if you admit you made a bad decision.

Law is an exciting profession and one many people choose to pursue. Feed your ambitions by following our website and learning all there is to know about being an attorney at law.

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  1. Alice Carroll says:

    Thanks for pointing out that hiring a DUI lawyer can also give one access to more legal resources. I have a friend who would like to look for one soon because he was involved in a minor car accident a few nights ago. He was a bit tipsy when it happened so the situation is very much against him right now.

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