4 Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

People encounter accidents at some point in their life, and it’s nobody’s choice. But if you are caught in that tight situation, you should know that you can get compensation for the harm done to you. You can ask for a personal injury claim. To know more about the types of personal injury cases, particularly related to an accident, please read on.

1.  Car Accidents

Car accidents are probably the most known causes of personal injury. Whether you are the victim or the one at fault in a car accident, one must know the legal repercussions of the incident. Boynton Beach is a place notorious for car accidents with 14,000 victims of disasters due to car collisions recorded in a year. When you find yourself in such a situation, you must know that there are institutions ready to assist you in these grueling situations. A Boynton Beach Auto Accident Lawyer is well-versed in the legal matters involving personal injury claims of victims after an auto accident. Choose a law office that has enough experience in car accident claims to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

2.  Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is also one type of personal injury case which needs the expertise of an experienced lawyer. There are many ways that medical malpractice can be committed such as surgical errors, wrong medication, misdiagnosis, or injury incurred during childbirth, to name a few. It takes a knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney to handle your case and take legal action to get compensation for you or your family’s injury or loss.

3.  Accidents in the Workplace

Accidents that result in personal injury to employees happen in the workplace no matter how rigid, and stringent safety measures are implemented. When such a situation occurs, usually the worker cannot file a lawsuit to the employer but can instead claim compensation for the injuries acquired by the employee. These benefits or compensation may come in the form of medical treatment, temporary wages for when an employee cannot come to work yet or a lump sum amount. The compensation varies for every state. Therefore, it is best to consult a worker’s compensation attorney to make sure that you are given proper compensation for your personal injuries.

4.  Premises Liability

Premises liability is also be called slip and fall injury cases. They are accidents that can happen when there are defective conditions in places, such as malls, restaurants, stores, parking places, or other people’s homes. Accidents can happen in public or private places such as slipping on a corridor with defective flooring or falling down the stairs with a missing railing. A personal injury attorney can assist in claiming compensation for injuries incurred from premises liability. The defective condition must be documented appropriately to support your attorney through the legal process.

Accidents do happen when you are unprepared. But it is good to know that if these do happen to you and you acquire personal injuries, there are legal actions that you can take. And experienced lawyers who can help you claim monetary compensation as well as help you through the legal processes.

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