5 Best Majors for Future Lawyers

Being a lawyer is one of the most prestigious careers to pursue these days. It will not only secure you a good income for life but will also offer you many international job opportunities. Before you go to law school, you can also study some other majors, which will give you unique knowledge in specific areas like business, philosophy, political science, engineering, and criminology. Being good at some other field, apart from jurisprudence, will give you an undeniable competitive advantage over other professionals in the field. 

B.A. in Business

In case you have the mind of an entrepreneur and want to become a lawyer in the future, getting a degree in business management and administration is an excellent idea. The classes you take with such a studying program will be instrumental if you take an interest in corporate law. You can focus on the parts of business management that will be especially handy for you as a future lawyer, plus you can choose the electives that will help you develop analytical and critical thinking. 

Such a degree is an excellent source of communication and leadership training. You also get to develop your project planning and management skills. As an entrepreneur and someone well-versed in business management, you get to start your own company and practice law whenever you want it. You can have all the control over the life of your firm and its legal affairs.

B.A. in Philosophy 

Philosophy lies in the very core of the law. You can see some of the essential philosophical, social values being reflected in the law. Like it or not, as a future lawyer, you will be required to study philosophy, explore the development of its history and the benefits of philosophical values. Furthermore, getting a degree in philosophy will also empower your critical thinking and will help you learn how to solve problems by employing formal logic. 

Apart from formal logic, which is an essential part of argumentation and reason, you will also be taught the basics of ethics. The latter is always given great importance when it comes to the study of philosophy. With such a major at hand, you will be able to trace the way the values of modern society evolved to become the way they are now. When going into law school, you will have a significant advantage over other students since you will already be familiarized with some of the essential concepts of philosophy. Such a degree is always relevant when you get to practice law and get deeper into the field. 

B.A. in Political Science

Learning political science will give you an in-depth understanding of the government and the way it works. In simple terms, the government is the source of law. As a lawyer, you will get to work with the legal framework that was developed by your government. With a degree in political science, you will be able to understand all the philosophical values of your government and the logic that drives it. Such an intimate understanding of why the government works the way it does will be very beneficial in your future career. This is why students who aspire to become successful lawyers in the future have long been encouraged to pursue this specific major in their studies. 

Interestingly enough, when you enter a law school, you will get to study the cases of many renowned personas who were or are successful lawyers. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the USA, the person who put an end to decades of slavery in the country, was one of the best lawyers in the history of the country, who also got into politics and was driven by high philosophical morals. Whenever studies get too difficult to handle, and writing assignments start to overwhelm, and you feel like you need some help, consider reaching out to a law essay writing service to help you manage some of them.

B. S. in Engineering

With a combination of an engineering undergraduate and a law degree, your value on the market of employment will be very high. It is due to the fact that such a find is very rare, not that many students choose to combine the seemingly incompatible degrees. However, when it comes to the process of entering a law school, having studied engineering will give you an excellent recommendation in the eyes of the admission board. It will prove to them that you are the type of person who works with challenging situations and demanding classes. 

Furthermore, it will also make it evident that you have very decent problem-solving skills, the skills that are beneficial for law students. Considering the rapid development of technological innovations, a lawyer who understands both engineering and law is at a premium. If you are an aspiring lawyer who is also good with computers, you definitely need to follow this unique educational path to give yourself greater opportunities and a considerable advantage over other professionals in the field. 

B.A. in Criminology or Criminal Justice

With such a major, you will get to explore the very essence of criminology and criminal behaviors. You will gain a deep understanding of the study of crime and the ways it can be applied through criminal justice. This will be a good introduction before you go to a law school, here you will get to explore the basics of law and crime. You will also get to choose your own electives if you want to get some understanding of the hard sciences. 

During the studies, you will learn various police practices, the history of criminology, the functions of the U.S. legal system as well as constitutional rights. You will be aware of the way the criminal court system works and will have a basic understanding of what causes crimes and how to solve them. Such knowledge is vital if you want to be good at negotiations, dealing with the police, resolving court arguments, and opposing counsel.

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