5 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Start Using A Mobile Notary

Those who obtain their notary license are an asset to any law firm. Since most legal documents require a formal notarization before processing, hiring in-house notaries that are readily available around the clock will optimize efficiency and productivity in any law firm.

If there isn’t room in the budget to add an employee notary, having a mobile notary service on-call is just what your law firm needs to outrank their competition and streamline day-to-day operations. Commuting to an off-site notary meeting can waste precious time you could otherwise spend in the office. If caught in unforeseen traffic jams, you risk missing important deadlines, costing the firm hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To boost the productivity of your law firm, consider using a mobile notary.


You can meet clients anywhere

Coordinating logistics is of the biggest struggles for many law firms, especially those in the personal injury sector. A large percentage of your clientele may be injury victims who find it difficult to travel. They may also work during standard business hours, inhibiting them from scheduling meetings between 9 am and 5 pm. With a mobile notary on speed dial, these professionals can meet you at a client’s house or a recovery facility, translating to greater earnings and efficiency.

Instead of waiting days for signature notarization, you can notarize anytime and anywhere with a mobile notary like Superior Notary Services. Remember, those precious minutes you save with a mobile notary service can equate to thousands of dollars.

They’re available around the clock

Traditional public notaries found in an office space tend to operate during standard business hours, making after-hours notarization services seemingly impossible to find. You may also run into trouble with COVID-19 restrictions that further limit the available hours of in-office notaries. Luckily, mobile notaries deviate from a standard nine-to-five structure. They offer around-the-clock notary services and travel to any location of your choosing.

A mobile notary’s flexible schedule accommodates any law firm’s needs, as these legal professionals can schedule after-hours meetings with their clients at no extra charge. Again, coordinating logistics can pose a challenge when filling out legal paperwork. With a mobile notary, you can schedule a notarization session with your client after getting off work. Suppose a lawyer is working with a single mother balancing work duties and responsibilities. In that case, mobile notaries are also available on the weekends, so you can easily file these legal documents as quickly as possible.

Saves you money

It’s easy to overlook travel expenses when scheduling notarization sessions. However, these travel expenses can add up and cost your law firm a substantial amount of money. Unless you have a notary on staff, most legal personnel will travel to an off-site notary public to notarize their documents, costing the firm money in fuel and labor.

When you recruit mobile notary services, you’ll never have to worry about wasting money on travel expenses ever again. Instead, you can optimize firm productivity and refine your day-to-day operations. Law firms that rely on mobile notary services can also better serve their clientele.


Does this sound familiar? One of your staff members heads to the public notary office with the documents that need to be notarized. Shortly after, they return to collect the document pages they left behind, resulting in two unnecessary trips to the notary public office and a lot of wasted time. No matter where their position falls on the totem pole, law firm employees are often inundated with back-to-back tasks, making their time all the more valuable.

When you enlist a mobile notary’s help, you can enjoy the convenience of being within walking distance of your office. If you forget to bring any necessary documentation to the notarization session, you can easily print them off your computer or find them in the appropriate file. There’s no need to waste time traveling back and forth to the notary office. You can remedy any mistakes or locate missing paperwork from the comfort of your own office space.

Saves time

One surefire benefit of hiring a mobile notary is that it can save you and your colleagues time. When you’re dealing with a public notary in an office space, you have to carve out time in your schedule to commute to the off-site location and account for the time it takes to travel there and back.

When you opt for a mobile notary, you eliminate any potential wastes of time. Because you can continue to work until the notary arrives, you can maximize every minute in your schedule, as you won’t have to spend time idling in a waiting room until the notary is ready to meet with you. With a mobile notary service, you can reap the time-saving benefits and perform with flying colors.

In summary

Mobile notaries are a relatively new sector of notarial acts. As these mobile notaries continue to gain popularity, law firms are gradually discovering their benefits. The benefits listed above are just a few of the many reasons your law firm should enlist mobile notary services. These notarization experts can help your office save money, time, and make life more convenient for your staff members and clients.

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