5 Skills Needed to Become a Lawyer

Thinking of becoming a lawyer? Working in law isn’t easy. In fact, lawyers are some of the most highly skilled and educated people in the world. Lawyers undergo a lot of training and practical experience before they become qualified in the field. 

Despite the challenges, law is a popular profession. There’s always someone looking to find a local lawyer, so they are in high demand. Think you’ve got what it takes? Here are 5 skills needed to become a lawyer.


Judge Dan Hinde

Public speaking

Lawyers need to be able to confidently speak in front of large groups of people. They should be able to eloquently voice their opinions and know-how to persuade and convince. Language is a huge part of law – and the best lawyers know that what they say counts. A wrongly used word or mispronunciation could make them lose credibility. So, if you’re great at speaking in front of a crowd and know how to win people over with the power of your voice, you might have the makings of a lawyer. 


While lawyers spend plenty of time in the courtroom, they also spend a lot of time elsewhere, crafting their case and collecting evidence. This means knowing how to research. A lawyer will interview witnesses and gather information. It’s all about knowing how to use resources and connect the dots.


Working in law means knowing how to work in a team. Even the most successful lawyers rely on the help of colleagues and assistants. Lawyers deal with huge amounts of information, so they often pool together their resources and focus on separate areas of a case. Even the smallest cases aren’t won by one person alone: they are a team effort.   



People skills

Lawyers don’t just interact with their colleagues. They interact with all sorts of people on a daily basis. Arguably, the most important people are their clients. A firm will need to compete with other firms, so lawyers need to be able to maintain good professional relationships with clients and assure them that they will do the best job. Lawyers also need to be able to interact with other members of the court, witnesses, administration staff and many other people regularly. It’s a sociable, interactive career which means that you’ll meet plenty of people.   

Time management

Lawyers work under a great deal of time pressure. It’s a literal ticking clock situation. They will have a court date and will need to collect sufficient evidence within that time. They can’t be people who work at the last minute or ask for an extension. So, you will need to be able to work under pressure and not become easily distracted. A lawyer who procrastinates doesn’t get the job done. 

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  1. Rebecca Gardner says:

    It was helpful when you explained that lawyers need time management so they can prioritize when working to meet a deadline under pressure. My aunt wants to find a lawyer to help with the conveyancing process to sell her plot of commercial land. I’ll send her this info so she knows what skills and qualities to look for when evaluating attorneys nearby!

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