5 Steps You Should Take After You Get Injured in an Accident in Texas

If you got injured in a car accident in Texas, you might think that what to do? Here we are discussing 5 major steps that you should take at that time:

1. Note down all the important things about the accident

The very first thing that you must do is to note all the important things that are related to the incident. You must know how many injuries you got and any other person due to the accident, understand that what happened exactly that caused that accident. You also must know the type of injuries. The status of the injury changes over time in complicated cases so, it is very important to take the proper record. Keep a proper record during all the process of the claim for settlement including relevant conversations like note the personal information, name, contact number, date, and place of the incident, anything related to the incident. You must keep a chronicle while documenting your accidental injuries, it must show how these injuries affected your daily routine life.


2. Taking pictures of the accident spot and saving evidence

You might forget things or they might change purposefully with time. Taking pictures of the accident place increase the reliability of recording the case at a later stage. If you cannot do this during an injury, you can ask your friend or any loved ones to do this for you. Take all the important pictures of the accident place including the injuries and any property that is damaged due to the accident. Obtain copies of all the medical records, receipts, records, or assessments of damage to property (car or any other thing). If you got injured due to a consumer product, keep the product as this is the evidence and time of the accident. Save all the related items like packaging, labels, and manuals, etc., as well as the original receipt. If you have lost the receipt, try to get the record of the purchase through the original seller, or the bank or credit card that you used to purchase that product.

3. Filing a complaint at the police

When the accident happens, call the authorities immediately and file a complaint with the police. Although this is often not allowed in a civil court, a police complaint helps your lawyer to deal with personal injury settlement cases that how the incident takes place and the lawyer also precludes the assessment of guilt. Besides, a police report will contain information about anyone who could be a witness to the incident.

4. Car accident case specific

In the case of a car accident, the first important thing is that you should not leave the incident place even if you have an urgent piece of work. Because if you leave the scene, the police may consider it a hit-and-run and you might have to pay the penalty.

Before assessing the damage of your belongings, assess the conditions of the parties that are involved in the incident including yourself, passengers of your vehicle and other vehicle, pedestrians, and any other person who was there at the time of the incident. If necessary, seek medical attention and call the authorities. Exchange the necessary information like name, address, vehicle number, and contact numbers. You don’t need to apologize because it may be considered as unintentional afterward, what you need to do is just to exchange the factual information. If there are any witnesses, you must talk to them and seek their contact number.

Don’t force them to speak at the time because they might not be willing to say something because of police fear or any other reason but might help you later. Don’t forget to call your insurance company and give details about the car accident. If there is any medical record, and pictures, show them to the insurance company so that they could estimate your loss.

when you contact your lawyer, be careful while giving details of your case. You have to provide all the necessary information to your insurance company, lawyer, and the police. If you get any pre-settlement offer from another party, be careful and ask your lawyer first.

5. Hire an expert attorney.

If you get injured in a car accident in Texas State, you must consult Houston Car accident Lawyer & San Antonio car accident lawyer for your case. The attorney will fight for your case while keeping your best interest in their minds. He will try to recover the maximum amount as compensation from the other party. An expert lawyer will give you the best recommendations throughout your case. Your lawyer is the person who could help you the most in getting your compensation for your vehicle damage, repair charges, rental car coverage. He will ensure that health care providers give the best medical care while maximizing the settlement amount (by filing a lawsuit or negotiate with your insurance company), as well as negotiations and reduction of medical collateral.

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