7 Car Crash Documents to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer

There is an average of six million car accidents every year in the United States. A car accident won’t just damage your car but it could lead to physical and emotional pain as well as financial distress.

In the days and weeks following an accident, you might become flustered and disoriented. A car accident lawyer can help you receive the compensation that you deserve and make sure that your interests are being looked after.

When you meet with your lawyer, it’s important that you have certain car crash documents with you so that the process can go as smoothly as possible. So continue reading and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know so that you’ll be prepared.

1) Videos and Photos of the Accident Scene

After you’re in an accident, you should take many photos and videos. You want to capture all of the damage that was done to your car, the other vehicle, and the scene of the accident. You should also take photos of any injuries that you might have sustained.

These photos will give your lawyer a better understanding of how the crash occurred and how he can best defend you. You should include timestamps in your photos in order to make them even more detailed and accurate.

2) Medical Records

Some of the most important documents pertaining to your case will be your medical records and receipts. This information is going to show that you were injured and how much money you spent on your treatment. After your lawyer sees your medical records, they’ll have a starting point for the statute of limitations.

Your medical records should include a list of all of the medical providers and doctors that you saw after the accident. They should also include all of the surgeries, procedures, and medications that you took after the accident.

3) Police Reports

After your accident, you’re going to want to call the police. When the police arrive, they will take down all of your contact information, as well as your insurance information. They’ll then do the same thing for the other party.

The police will then take down your account of what happened and they’ll hear from the other driver as well. You should make sure to get a copy of the police report and make sure that everything on the report is accurate.

Because the report is coming from a trusted and objective authority, courts put a lot of emphasis on these reports.

And if the car you were driving was a lemon, then make sure to visit lemon law lawyers.

4) Insurance Information

When you drive a car in America, you are legally required to be insured. This is why it’s so important to exchange insurance information with the other driver after a crash.

Your insurance information is going to help prove that you have paid your car insurance premium. Make sure to give your attorney copies of bank statements and checks that show that you’re up to date with your payments. And if your insurance company sent you any mail with regards to the accident, make sure to share that mail with your lawyer.

5) Witness Reports

After you’re involved in a car accident, it’s important that you get statements from people who witnessed the accident. After you gather these statements, you need to make sure that you get the contact information from the witnesses. This is so that you’re able to reach them if you need more information.

Give the statements and the contact information to your attorney. They can use this information to get a better sense of how the accident took place and can see if the witnesses can help strengthen your case.

6) Financial Records

If you lost wages or you lost your ability to earn a living because of the injuries that you sustained after your car crash, then you may be able to receive some compensation. However, you’re going to need to prove to the court or to the at-fault insurance company that you can’t continue your normal job or that you suffered from a pay cut.

Put your financial records together. These records should include your paychecks, tax returns, contract letters, and other relevant documents. These records can help prove that you missed work, lost money, or that your business suffered because of the accident.

And remember to include evidence of any expenses that you incurred due to the accident. That’s because those expenses are also part of your financial records. Give all of these documents to your lawyer so that they can figure out how much you’re owed in compensation.

7) Fines and Citations

If you have any traffic citations or fines, whether from the accident, before, or after, you should show them to your lawyer. That’s because these citations might affect the outcome of your case and your lawyer will have to determine how best to proceed.

The Importance of Knowing Which Car Crash Documents to Have When Meeting Your Lawyer

Being involved in a car accident can be a confusing and traumatic time. But by knowing what car crash documents to have when you meet with your lawyer, you’ll be more prepared. And that should help make the whole process easier.

And remember to save any all relevant documents. You should never throw anything out if you think it’s related to your accident.

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