7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Shape Your Law Firm in 2020

Running a successful law firm involves much more than having expertise and a great reputation. You need to go the extra mile with marketing your firm on the internet because this is where potential clients come looking for attorneys in the first place. While you need to have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy in place, following the current trends is equally important to stay in the race. Here are the digital marketing trends that will shape your law firm in 2020.

Create an amazing website

As a part of your law firm branding initiative, you need to create a website that replicates your presence online. Ensure that it has a clean interface and narrates your story. Include elements like team profile, success stories and areas of specialism.

Cater quality content

High-quality content on your website makes a great difference. It keeps the audience engaged and wins their trust as well. A blog section is essential as it makes your site more informative and resourceful. You can also add an FAQ page to enrich the website with useful content.

Invest in your brand

In the current landscape, you need to think about building a brand rather than only getting clients. Your link building company would suggest a holistic SEO strategy for this purpose because the idea is to reach the top of search results. If you are visible up there, you have better chances of gaining reputation and clients as well.

Leverage social media marketing

Besides a good-looking website, a solid social media presence also makes a winning digital marketing trend in the law domain. Create dedicated pages for all popular platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Post relevant content regularly and try to extend your reach by increasing your followers across these channels.

Prioritize user-generated content

Since law firm marketing is all about winning the trust of the clients, you cannot ignore the value of user-generated content. Essentially, these are the online reviews that real clients post for recommending your business. Positive reviews matter a lot because prospective clients trust genuine reviews of real people more than anything else.

Step up your email campaigns

Besides SEO and social media marketing, email marketing is another trend you cannot afford to ignore in 2020. Create a database of existing and potential clients and stay in touch with them via regular emails. Make the emails personalized to hold the interest of the recipients. You can share pieces of information that matter to them.

Collaborate with niche influencers

Another law firm digital marketing trend that you must follow is investing in an outreach strategy. The first thing you should do is to get a list of top 15 link building services and choose the best among them. These outreach experts will have a good circle of niche influencers and can convince them to recommend your firm and provide quality backlinks for your website.

Implementing these latest legal marketing trends in your marketing strategy for 2020 is a smart idea because they can take your firm to the next level. Overall, your focus should not just be on selling your services and onboarding more clients; rather, it should be about winning their trust for the long run.

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