7 Things You Shouldn’t Do When in Canada

If you are planning a vacation trip, then Canada is a great choice for a destination. It’s the land of snow and Maple syrup. Canadians have the reputation of being mild-mannered and also very polite. The nation is so peaceful and it’s also a great place to live. Canada has perhaps the most beautiful cities to visit, they include Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. It has the most famous waterfalls in the world, the Niagara Falls. While in Canada, you can’t help but visit the breathtaking Canadian Rocky Mountains. The beautiful lakes and the magnificent mountains are great sights to behold. There is so much to see and do in Canada. There are also things you’ll need to restrict yourself from doing and saying.

But on the flip side, are 7 things you shouldn’t do when in Canada.

1. Don’t forget that you are in a foreign country

This is but a gentle reminder to anyone visiting Canada. This is a country that has its own laws, customs, cultures, languages, and currency. There is nothing that you can do to change these facts. It’s always important that before visiting a foreign country, you take the time to study the relevant laws that concern your visit. This may be in respect to driving laws, traveling laws, hunting laws, and even property law.

As for the latter, there are many legal issues surrounding property damage or personal injuries that occur on such property. If you’re injured in a mall or residential property, for instance, Jeff Preszler from Preszler Immigration Lawyers says that a property owner may be liable for damages if there is evidence that the conditions of the premises contributed to the accident.

2. Don’t misjudge the weather

Canadian weather patterns vary across the major cities. Here you’ll notice that the weather ranges dramatically, Vancouver has moderate conditions with not as much snow in the winter season. During summer, Toronto and Montreal are hot and humid with freezing-cold winter months. You may need to pack some extra layered clothing as we’re talking of about -45 degrees C-kind of weather.

3. Don’t underestimate the size of Canada

When preparing a list of places to visit and things to carry, consider the travel times. This will actually help you to have an enjoyable stay. It’ll also help you visit all those places you had planned on visiting without much of a rush.

4. Don’t underestimate the border guards

Like we had earlier mentioned, Canadians are very friendly. But, don’t think that you’ll have your way with the border patrol guards. They take their job very seriously. This means that there won’t be grey areas in matters concerning the proper travel documents. You’ll need more than your driving license to get you to the other side of the border. Ensure that you have your ID, passport, travel Visa and any other additional papers you may find useful. If you’re traveling with kids, you’ll need to have custodial documents or a note of permission, for your pet, ensure that you have the right veterinary papers.

5. Don’t limit your visit to cities only

As beautiful and magnificent as the cities of Canada are, such as Ontario, there’s much more to marvel about outside the cities. Places you may need to visit include the Historic Helmets, the First National Reserves, animal sanctuaries, mountains, and the fishing villages. Here you’ll experience a variety of rich Canadian heritage and culture.

6. Don’t ignore the cell phone policies

Different types of cell phones may work just fine in Canada. However, the risky part involves using a phone that is not in line with the Canadian international plans. This may result in fines that can amount to hundreds of dollars. Before you lay foot in Canada, it’s important that you first contact your local cell phone carrier to get you all the information you need pertaining special pricing plans for internet usage, calls, and texts outside your country of origin.

7. Don’t hang on to the coins

The Canadian one dollar and two dollar coins can really add up to a lot. If you are the kind of person that keeps a lot of change in your pockets then this is for you. Before you leave Canada, scour your purse and pockets for them. These coins are only valuable in Canada. Outside Canada, banks can only exchange bills, which could mean getting stuck with a bunch of coins that you can’t use until the next time you visit Canada. But, if you need to hang on to a single Loonie, well and good. You can always take the bi-metallic coin as a souvenir.

One of the most important things you can always do while in Canada is, respect the friendly people of Canada and their culture. It’s also important to take care of your surrounding environment. This will help you get along just fine. Don’t forget to explore all the wonderful treasures that Canada has to offer during your stay there.

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