8 Most Common Accidents in a Construction Site

The construction industry is one of the largest employers, probably in economies around the world. However, it’s faced with many challenges, some of which include stagnation in productivity levels, lack of proper training when new technologies are adopted, and the most obvious one, safety issues. Worker safety continues to be a repugnant issue, with so many workers getting injured on-site and others losing their lives. For this reason, the construction industry falls under the category of the most dangerous occupations in the world.

But then again, we rely heavily on construction workers who put their lives on the line on the growth of our economy. You’ll bear me witness, that in any type of construction, whether large or small, there are heavy machinery, sophisticated equipment, and power tools that are necessary for the completion of the project. When safety is not treated with the seriousness it deserves in a construction site, some workers are most likely going to suffer minor to serious injuries from accidents. There are countless of ways through which construction accidents happen.

Here are the 8 most common accidents on a construction site.

1. Slips And Falls

Falls are perhaps the most common construction site accidents. Inherently, there are so many dangers lurking on a construction site. Falls can happen as a result of negligence or the failure to follow safety rules. Most falls are as a result of slippery floors, lack of guardrails, and weak walkways. Injuries sustained from falls may range from minor to major; and may result in one of the following.

  • Head and brain trauma.
  • Damaged spinal cord.
  • Broken bones and fractures.
  • Torn ligaments and tendons.
  • Permanent scars.

As you can see, most of these injuries will require expensive treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation. However, according to the law, construction companies should carry insurance to spare themselves and their workers the liability that may result from on-site accidents. Whether you’re a construction worker, a bystander or part of the delivery personnel, Mr. Mitchell Feldman, a highly experienced Tampa construction accident lawyer says that you’re entitled to compensation if you encounter an on-site accident that results in injuries. For this reason, working with an experienced attorney in this field is of utmost importance, especially since some employers and insurance companies have a way of cutting corners when it comes to compensating accident victims. Even if it doesn’t result in fatalities, a slip-and-fall accident at a construction site can be physically, emotionally, and financially overburdening, meaning that as a victim, you could use all the help and support you can get from friends, family, health practitioners, and lawyers.

2. Accidents From Machinery

Construction work requires the use of heavy machinery and equipment such as jackhammers, bulldozers, nail guns, drills, and cranes, all of which can cause serious bodily injury. Workers need to be trained before they can be allowed to use such extremely important tools and equipment that can at times be dangerous. In addition to this, it brings in the need to wear all the necessary safety gear when operating certain machinery and mechanical tools.

3. Electric Shock

As earlier mentioned, construction workers handle an assortment of heavy machinery and equipment. Some of these tools require power to operate, which, if not properly handled or connected, can cause electrocution. In addition to this, there are many electrical hazards in workplaces, and the construction site is not to be left behind. Faulty electrical components and equipment are also a major risk factor for construction workers.

4. Falling Objects

Some construction sites will involve workers working on different levels. In some cases, it may require cranes to lift heavy beams and objects to different levels. Some of these objects may drop on workers if improperly secured and cause serious injuries. To add to this, failure to follow safety precautions and procedures when on-site could be hazardous. Helmets and safety glasses could help in minimizing the severity of construction injuries.

5. Being Caught Between Objects

Most construction sites will involve moving heavy slabs and objects from one location to the other. While it’s unforeseeable, a worker can get caught between a movable object and a stationary one. Injuries sustained from such accidents are serious if not fatal. It calls for construction workers to always be on the lookout while on and off-site for such prevailing dangers.

6. Car Accidents

Construction workers need to be ferried by vehicles from one location to the construction site. Truth is, anything can happen while on their way to and from the construction sites, and this includes car accidents. On the same note, you’ll also realize that most construction sites are adjacent to highways. Distracted drivers have in so many times lost control and hit construction workers. For this reason, it is very important to place warning signs that help the motorists to distinctively identify a construction location.

7. Explosions

Construction sites harbor so many dangers, including explosions. It may be due to the use of flammable chemicals where the workers are not properly advised and trained in their use or it may also be due to faulty wiring. Every year, construction workers are seriously injured as a result of explosions. Injuries sustained from explosions, are fatal and could even result in death.

8. Collapse Of Buildings

Finally, this may be the most dangerous of construction accidents. There are so many reasons why a building can collapse. It may be as a result of a fire, geological reasons, and poor workmanship, just to name a few reasons. When it happens, construction workers may sustain serious injuries that may cause long-term effects. Some of the major causes of collapsed buildings include:

Poor engineering – flaws in architectural design are a major cause of buildings collapsing. The stability of any structure relies heavily on the integrity of the design and engineering.

Flawed building materials – in some cases, construction companies may use defective cheap materials. It may be to save on costs or being conned by scrupulous dealers. This jeopardizes the building’s stability as well as durability and can lead to building collapse.

Inspection failures – it’s a requirement that before, during, and after the construction is done, the proper inspection channels must be followed. This is in adherence to the construction guidelines that help to ensure that the building materials and plans are compliant. In addition to this, it also helps to catch minor mistakes and flaws before they can cause danger to the construction workers.

As you can see, construction sites can be a danger zone to not only the construction workers, but for anyone else in the vicinity. This is especially true when safety precautions are not adhered to. In addition to this, wearing proper gear could go a long way into not only protecting workers while working, but also in minimizing the severity of the injuries. All the same, the above are just some of the most common construction site accidents you may want to know about.

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