9 Main Causes of Fatal Truck Accidents

Traffic accidents can be devastating incidents that change lives forever. The consequences of truck crashes are often a lot more devastating when compared to other types of collisions, mainly due to the sheer size of the vehicle. Many reasons can lead to a truck collision, including driver error, an overloaded truck, or an unsafe truck design.

1. Negligence

Negligence is a common factor in truck accidents. This can be due to the carelessness of the driver, owner, or another party involved in the crash.


For example, if a truck driver hits a person legally crossing the road, it may be considered negligence on the driver’s part. If this is proven in court, they can be held liable for the victim’s injuries.

If another vehicle is trying to overtake and hits a truck leading to severe damages, there may be grounds for negligence. Evidence to support a claim is crucial for the success of a case.

2. Speeding

Truck drivers are known to speed while driving on highways or city roads. Truckers are often under considerable pressure from their company to reach a destination in an unrealistic time. Thus, employees may be tempted to take shortcuts like speeding to make better time.

Victims injured by a speeding truck can reach out to truck accident lawyers in Levittown, New York for legal assistance. A lawyer can gather evidence against the at-fault party and help the plaintiff recover.

3. Overloaded Truck

Overloading trucks continue to be a rising problem within the industry. While there are state and federal regulations against this issue, companies sometimes overlook the guidelines to increase profit. This continues to be one of the leading causes of truck accidents.

An overloaded truck is at a higher crash risk. Due to the excess weight, the vehicle becomes more difficult to maneuver. Therefore, drivers can’t always react as expected to dangers ahead. In addition, the additional weight may also cause the truck to be improperly balanced.

4. Improper Weather Conditions

Truck drivers should always follow the weather forecast before heading out on their route. This will allow them to prepare for what lies ahead. Also, if the weather conditions are particularly adverse, it may be advised to pull over until the skies clear and driving becomes safe again.

5. No Seat Belts

A truck driver should wear a safety belt while behind the wheel. Not wearing a seat belt may lead to severe or fatal injuries in case of an accident. Studies reveal that this safety feature alone helps save over 2,000 lives in a year.

6. Unsafe Truck Design

Traffic accidents may also be caused by unsafe vehicle designs. When it comes to a vehicle of such proportions as 18-wheelers, even a minor design defect can lead to fatal consequences.

If this is deemed the cause of a crash, the case may revolve around truck manufacturer negligence. A lawyer can help the plaintiff investigate the manufacturer’s responsibility and possible negligence regarding the crash.

7. Drowsy Driving

A truck driver should always be alert while driving. Yet the long hours behind the wheel, nighttime driving, and monotony of the job can easily bring on drowsiness.

Drowsy driving can be dangerous because the reflexes, motor skills, perception, and general cognitive functions are affected. Thus, the driver may not practice safe driving. When fatigued, drivers should immediately pull over until they overcome sleepiness.

8. Driving While Intoxicated

A driver should never drink alcohol before or while driving a vehicle. Drinking alcohol can lead to drunk driving accidents. In the case of truck drivers, drunk driving violates both the laws of the road and company policy. If an employee is caught intoxicated while behind the wheel, the consequences can be drastic.

9. No Driving License

A truck driver must possess a valid license for driving a truck. Meeting this mandatory requirement is a shared responsibility between employee and employer. While this may ultimately fall on the truck driver, the employer must keep records of all employees and ensure that all legal requirements are met.

Contact an Accident Lawyer

Truck accident cases can be highly complex, as multiple entities may be responsible. An attorney can help identify the at-fault party and collect evidence to support your claim. The sooner victims reach out for legal help, the stronger the case will be.

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