Attorney-Client Relationship: Talk to Your Lawyer Immediately After a Car Accident

An attorney-client relationship is important especially in a personal injury case. And before an attorney takes up a client’s case, there is some information that he needs to have so that he can prepare for the case with confidence. Working with personal injury clients can be challenging because most clients feel intimidated by the attorney. However, this is not the way things are supposed to be.  A good lawyer should therefore be able to make their clients feel comfortable and respected. Also, the attorney-client relationship should be one that is open and honest. The two parties should be able to work on the details of the case together by sharing all the information regarding the case.

It is important that clients share all the details that they have surrounding their personal injury cases with the lawyers so that they can know what to do during the proceedings of the case.  And with the added information, the decisions of the attorney will be beneficial to all the parties involved. Remember, everything between an attorney and his clients is confidential and therefore, the lawyer is barred from sharing any confidential information that you share with them.  Therefore, you should not fear sharing all the secrets that you have about your personal injury case

Below, we will look at the things that a personal injury lawyer must know before taking on a personal injury case. These things are important for they can affect a lawyer’s strategy during the personal injury claim process and therefore should be discussed as soon as possible.

Previous injuries and accidents

As the lawyer is compiling his case, he needs to know about the previous injuries and accidents that you have had. This is because an insurance adjuster attempting to deny the claim might allege that your current injuries are related to the past injuries or accidents. Therefore, your lawyer must know about these previous injuries and accidents so that he can plan on how to dispute in a court of law. Also, when you disclose about the previous injuries that you had, the lawyer is able to make a defense before hand which will become helpful should the issue arise in court.  

Your criminal history

Insurance companies normally run a background check on clients who have launched personal injury claims. Therefore, it is imperative to provide your attorney with all information regarding your criminal past as this will help him get prepared should the matter come up during the case. Although common misdemeanors and felony counts will not affect your personal injury claim case, the lawyer will pay special attention to your previous traffic convictions. This is because the conviction can be used against you in your current injury claim. This is especially when your current injuries are related to driving.

Filing for bankruptcy

If you filed for bankruptcy during your personal injury case, your settlement will become part of your estate. This means that you will not get the settlement money but your creditors will. However, if you provide this information to your personal injury lawyer, he may talk to your bankruptcy attorney to secure a portion for you.

Filing for divorce

Another important thing to inform your personal injury lawyer is whether you have filed or are intending to file for divorce. This is because, if your spouse was supporting you after the injury, they are entitled to a share of the settlement. Therefore, informing your personal injury lawyer about your impending divorce case, he may know what to do in order to get your spouse a fair share of compensation.

Other injuries since your accident

It is also important to tell your lawyer about the other injuries that you suffered since accident. a common mistake is not talking to a lawyer after a car accident. This is because the opposing attorney might allege that you are attempting to get compensation for injuries that are not related to your current accident claim. With the right information, your personal injury lawyer should be able to dispute this.

Working with a lawyer in a personal injury case can be helpful especially considering that such a claim is very complicated. However, when presented with a non-cooperative client, the lawyer can have a limit to what he can do. Therefore, if you have a personal injury case, you should keep your lawyer updated as much as possible.

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