Awareness of the Law: A Way to Wriggle Out of the Labyrinth of Suffering

Back in University, we had a series of lectures on how important it is to understand the laws that are made for us and the ways we can raise awareness about the same. We were taught how essential it is to be aware of our rights and the ways we can use the law to protect ourselves and bring the perpetrators to books. In fact, some of us might not even be aware of or recognize a crime because it does not look like one at a cursory glance. Having a basic understanding of the law opens our eyes up to the varied forms of injustice prevalent around us, some of which might be too subtle. I have had my fair share of interaction with people who take pride in being ignorant about the law. Let me break this to you at the very beginning of this article. There is no charm, no beauty in being ignorant about certain things. Ignorance of the law is one such thing that can do you no right. If anything, it only pushes you to the edge of the unknown and renders you helpless in several situations.

Think of all the times when you felt cheated at a grocery shop. You might have known it in your bones that the commodities are overpriced and you are being fleeced. But your lack of awareness of the law just made it difficult for you to plan your next move. There are laws for the protection of consumers, but you did not know what to do about it. This is just one instance that we cited. There are more that one can think of.

We have carefully curated a few points in this article, which will help you understand why it is crucial that the society as a whole acts as a responsible entity and learns all that there is to fundamental legal rights. Every individual needs to be aware of the role the legal system has to play in our lives. We might not have to frequent court-rooms and fight cases for others. But, we certainly owe it to ourselves to know what laws are put in place for us and who to approach in case we needed expert help. Let us now venture some of these points and broaden our minds.

We Need Laws To Put Things In Place:

We begin by discussing why laws are needed in the first place. The answer to this is a pretty simple one, really. We need laws to put things in place. We do not live in a utopian world. We never have, and never will. Human beings are primal in nature. They are intrinsic and feral. Therefore, if we do not have a set of basic rules and regulations with the fear of penalty playing at the back of our minds, it is only a matter of time until we let our innate wild run amok. Therefore, the only way to see to it that things are under control and everyone lives under the garb of civilization is to have laws enforced by a governing body.

However, the question still begs- does having laws mean the end of the story? It most certainly is not. Where there are laws, there is a violation of laws as well. We have seen all the faces of crimes that there is, being reported from every corner of the world. You might ask yourselves- if laws are so relevant to keep things in place, why do crimes take place? This is a legitimately valid question. But, as we mentioned in the section before; having laws do not confirm non-violation of the system. However, we do have people who take it upon themselves to serve justice. And these honorable souls are known as lawyers. Lawyers can work independently or in a well-known firm, like the Nehora Law Firm. In case, you find yourself in legal troubles, or witness rampant injustice in and around your life, you can always count on these legal experts.

Why Should We Be Aware Of The Law If Lawyers Do The Job For Us?

There is a simple analogy that we can pitch in to explain the point better. So, you know that you have doctors and hospitals to take care of you when you fall ill. You would probably even get the best treatment possible. But, that does not mean that you must not take care of yourself or not know first-aid. That is just plain foolishness. To be able to survive until you get to a doctor, you might need to know certain things about first-aid and medicines. Think of awareness of the law as the same thing. You have brilliant lawyers to help you get to justice. But, it is also your responsibility to know how to spot the first signs of injustice as well. That is one of the most important ways to find our ways out of the labyrinth of suffering and injustice.


There is widespread ignorance as well as injustice everywhere around us. All we can do in these dark times is to enlighten our minds and walk out of the bubble of ignorance. That is the only way we can create a safe and secure place for ourselves and the generations to follow.

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