Break Through the Noise! Storytelling in Marketing

We’re besieged every day. A full-on assault on our senses begins, even before we’re fully awake. A barrage of Madison Avenue slogans, jingles and, unfortunately, inane messages designed to push you out the door and directly into the waiting arms of the advertiser.

Annoying, yes. Confusing? You bet! And yet, while striving to drive your share of consumers to your door what are your options? Jump in the fray and hope that somehow your message will be heard over all that noise? Oh, it’s possible, but typically those advertisements that do stand out are like a naughty child whose only way of attracting parental attention is by being obnoxious. Even louder, sillier and more grating than the others. It’s negative and risky: will they remember your product or how much you irritate?

This might work if you’re selling cheap, gimmicky products or questionable services, but, if your goal is to convince the public that you are a professional, qualified and dignified attorney who truly cares about his/her clients, is that really the direction you want to veer?

In this hodgepodge world of loud media, invasive internet pop-ups and brash signage cluttering the highways, there is only one tried and true method a breaking through all that noise.


It’s as old as mankind itself and, as both history and extensive research bear out, it remains the one clear avenue to successfully reach your customers with a positive, refined message.

Ancient Anecdotes

Long before man began recording history (their stories) on the granite walls of caves, indeed, before any form of written language existed, he has been sharing and enjoying the art of storytelling. The greatest teachers in history-Aristotle, Socrates, Jesus for example-used stories, parables, fables, mythology and other cautionary tales to ensure life’s most important lessons were heard, impressed and endured.

A more contemporary example can be found in Alan Bloom, a renowned educator who taught at some of our most prestigious academic institutions including Yale, Cornell and Chicago University. He was a passionate proponent of the use of the literary canon. His success is legendary and has been emulated throughout the world.

Advertising is, in a sense, a form of educating. You want to send a message that clearly and concisely informs the public of your qualifications, services and why you’re the right attorney for them. Traditional advertising, regardless of the form it takes, talks at you. Sharing your message through storytelling engages people. Draws them in. They may not look like the slick, smooth-talking models in the TV ads, but they certainly can relate to, and trust the attorney who shares a story of working two jobs to pay for law school, whose kids play soccer like yours do or any other biographical tidbits that make him/her a real person, not just that one-dimensional face/voice colliding with all the other commercials.

Successful Storytelling

What’s your story? How will your potential clients relate and engage?

As with all things, some people are just better storytellers than others. Despite your many achievements in the courtroom or boardroom, you may not be the best one to share your story. Allow the professionals at Target Market Media to delve into your personal history-your goals, setbacks, passions and all those things that make you tick.

Let us spotlight you with professional, award-winning writers and designers and share your story. Rise above the noise and leave a resounding impression

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