Can I Get Jail Time for Driving with Unpaid Speeding Tickets in Louisiana?

As a driver, it’s up to you to pay any speeding tickets you receive, and ignoring those tickets often results in additional fines and a license suspension as well. Once your license is suspended, you have to be careful to avoid driving at all. Being caught while driving with a suspended license can lead to stiff fines and even more significant punishments as well. Some people even end up with jail time for driving with a suspended license. Learn more about the risks of driving with a suspended license below, or get information from Louisiana Speeding Ticket Lawyer to see how you can protect yourself in your specific situation, rather than the scenarios below. 

Can I Be Jailed When Pulled Over For The First Time?

In the state of Louisiana, it’s possible to get jail time the first time you’re pulled over with a suspended license. If you’re driving without a valid license you could face fines between $10 and $500 and up to six months in jail. While it’s more common for judges to issue a monetary penalty the first time a driver is caught driving without a license, it is possible to get up to 6 months of jail time the first time you’ re pulled over. This is why it’s so important to be careful to avoid driving without a valid license. Your judge will take your specific circumstances into account, including the original reason for you being pulled over and all the tickets you have in your name. 

Try To Avoid A License Suspension

You’re unlikely to be given jail time if you can avoid getting your license suspended for your speeding tickets. If you haven’t received a statement yet telling that your license is suspended, there is likely still time for you to avoid this fate. Talk with officials at the DMV to find out how much your tickets will cost to get removed, and how you can pay them. You may even be able to work out a payment plan to help you cover the cost of your tickets without having your license suspended. Even if your license is already suspended, there may be something you can do. Talk with a local traffic ticket attorney about what your options are and if you can get your suspension revoked. Once your license is suspended, you’re limited in what you can do until the period passes. You’re also at a much greater risk of incurring additional fines and ending up in jail if you choose to keep driving with the suspended license. 

Can A Warrant Out Prevent Being Jailed?

If there’s a warrant out for your arrest for any issue, you can be jailed after being pulled over no matter what the reason is. If you don’t have a valid license and you’re pulled over with a warrant in your name, you’ll be even more likely to be taken into custody. Arrest warrants aren’t typically issued for not paying speeding tickets, but this is something to think about as well. 

Getting Into An Accident Without A License Is Problemsome

If you’re driving without a license and you get into an accident, you could open yourself up to lawsuits and significant fines and charges. This is an issue that many drivers never expect to find themselves in. Each time you drive there’s a small risk that you’ll get into an accident with another driver. If it happens to you, you could face serious fines even if you aren’t at fault for the accident itself. 

Speeding Tickets Are A Real Issue If You’re On Probation

If you’re out on probation for a different crime, it’s possible you could end up going back to jail because of unpaid speeding tickets. Even if the original criminal charges had nothing to do with driving or a vehicle-related crime, speeding tickets could still violate the terms of your probation. If you are on probation it’s important to be as careful as possible to avoid committing any crimes, including not paying speeding tickets. Always stay on top of any tickets you receive, and take care to make payments as soon as possible, or to talk with the county to work out different arrangements if you can’t afford to pay your ticket immediately. 

Look For A Driver Diversion Program

Some drivers that are pulled over without a valid license are able to avoid jail time by enrolling in a Driver Diversion program. These special state-run programs allow individuals to pay fees over time in order to avoid jail time. There’s a chance your judge will bring up one of these programs during sentencing, but it’s important to consult with a lawyer about your options even if a Diversion program isn’t mentioned. A Driver Diversion program is one option worth considering if you’re being charged with driving without a valid license, but you should always consult your lawyer before making any legal decisions.  

Get Help From A Reputable Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you’re facing charges for driving without a valid license, it’s best to consult an experienced ticket lawyer to help get your charges reduced or help you find an alternative to jail time. There’s no guarantee that you’ll face jail time, but there’s always a risk you will if you’re pulled over without a valid license. Your attorney can walk you through your options and help explain how you may be able to have your charges reduced or changed. Talk with an attorney today and find out how to improve your situation or to protect yourself from problems like this. 

Driving without a license is risky to do and will end up bad for you if you’re ever pulled over. If you’re facing multiple speeding tickets, or you have your license suspended, talk with an experienced attorney and learn what your options are and how to keep yourself safe from further legal issues.

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