Common Challenges to Face After a Road Accident

Surviving a road accident can leave a person disabled, in great financial trouble or sometimes even both. People who survive a car accident often struggle with money problems, paying medical bills and getting support for their medical needs. This article will discuss each of these common issues that accident victims face.

Medical Problems

Surviving a traumatic car accident often requires a person to undergo extensive medical treatment. This may result in the person needing ongoing therapy or maybe even lifelong therapy and treatments.

Some patients survive the immediate aftermath of the crash and then require round-the-clock medical care. This puts a significant strain on both victims and families. For instance, if a person never fully recovers from his or her road accident, in most cases the quality of life is greatly decreased. The victim will have to learn to depend on others to provide for their basic needs, such as cooking for them, cleaning their living space and even dressing and bathing them. Adjusting to life in a wheelchair or never having complete functioning of body parts or limbs creates added stress.

On top of losing physical abilities, patients also struggle to help loved ones. For instance, a parent with a small child may never be physically able to work and care for that child’s monetary needs again. The parent may lose the physical mobility to play outdoors with family members. These physical impediments can result in a depressed mood for both the victim and the loved ones.

The physical effects of a traumatic accident are more taxing on some types of people than others. For instance, people who work physical labor jobs and depend on good physical health may be rendered completely incapable of ever working again. A person who enjoys outdoor activities, such as gardening or biking, might be especially mournful of their inability to perform physical tasks.

Difficulty Navigating the Legal System

A traumatic car accidents are a major concern for drivers in the U.S., and particularly in Peoria, Illinois. Because of the threat of financial ruin, victims and their families must know when to consult with a Peoria car accident lawyer. An accident lawyer can help obtain the just compensation owed to victims of negligence.

Some car crash victims fail to follow the proper steps after being involved in a crash. They may allow the other party involved in the crash to leave the scene without getting contact information or insurance information. They may not seek medical help right away or be unsure of what freedoms and rights they have.

After a traumatic road accident, victims and their families should turn to a legal professional for help. A lawyer can help with all of the following: Drafting legal documents, such as a living will; making legal decisions; understanding workplace disability laws; speaking with police and investigators; and filing lawsuits or drafting legal documents.

Attempting to navigate the medical or legal systems without the help of a legal professional adds extra emotional stress for victims and families. Seeking legal assistance can be the first step to getting the care a victim needs.

Psychological and Emotional Problems

When most people think of car accidents, they focus on fatalities and physical injuries. However, a car accident can also cause damage to a survivor’s mental health. Feelings of guilt related to a car crash may lead to any of the following issues: PTSD, anxiety, depression, emotional distress, nightmares and trouble sleeping, loss of interest in one’s favorite activities, loneliness, anguish, as well as fearfulness and dread

The above symptoms may last for weeks, months or even years. For many victims, attempting to cope with injuries and constantly reliving the car accident in their minds leads to emotional distress. This is true, even for those who may not have life-threatening injuries. A good accident lawyer or social worker can help a client take steps toward getting therapy and treatment for emotional troubles.

Financial Problems

In addition to medical problems, many victims face financial problems following a road accident. Victims and their families often struggle to find the resources for expensive therapies and medicines. In a lot of cases, a victim cannot afford the best care available, which means they may lack the appropriate medicines or treatments. In other cases, families spend thousands of dollars on medical bills and struggle to pay basic household bills.

Lack of Support from Friends and Family

In addition to the victim’s suffering, family members also experience emotional turmoil. Loved ones may struggle to speak with the victim about their condition. This weakens the bonds between the victim and his or her loved ones. Some people withdraw from loved ones or have family members who abandon them or treat them differently after a traumatic car accident.

Another common problem is survivor’s guilt. For instance, someone may feel guilty about driving during a car crash in which a loved one is killed or severely injured. This guilt creates a strong divide between family members or between friends.

In other cases, friends and family are unable to provide good advice to victims. For instance, some victims need advice on how to navigate the insurance, hospital or the legal system after a car crash. They may consult with loved ones and receive bad advice on how to proceed. Even those who have previously survived an accident may be ignorant of how to advise someone else.

Some people feel lucky to walk away from a potentially fatal car crash. They are grateful for their life, just as they should be. However, surviving such a crash can lead to problems for the victims. As previously stated, victims of traumatic car crashes tend to suffer from emotional, financial and medical problems. They may feel detached from loved ones or suffer from mental health problems. Without professional legal advice, victims might follow the misguided advice from family and friends. For all of these reasons, it is best to consult with a lawyer after a traumatic car crash.

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