Criminal Defense is a More Noble Aspect of Law Than Commonly Believed

There are two sides to a coin, and the perception of outcomes can depend on what side wins in a toss. The law and its enforcement can be very similar in this regard. On one hand, the law is known to punish criminals severely, and on the other, it must also reserve judgement until an accused is deemed guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.

There exists a need to strike balance between giving due judgement and in taking care not to punish an innocent person. For a judge to be able to render a just ruling, both perspectives of the case must be viewed impartially, and this can only be done with an opposing party that is just as capable as the prosecution.


Judge Dan Hinde

Common Misconceptions About Criminal Defense

There is a common misconception that criminal defense lawyers defend criminal actions, and that these types of lawyers are just as criminal as the clients they defend in court. Such a claim serves only to show how little most people know about the inner workings of the law and about the roles of the noble men and women who work in this field.

The Truth About Criminal Defense Lawyers

The criminal justice system has several roles for individuals to fill. A prosecutor’s role is to enforce the law by convicting offenders and ensure that they are given the corresponding sentences for their crimes. The role of the judge is one of neutrality, tasked with presiding over and deciding on the outcome of the case. The role of the defense lawyer is to ensure that the court does not wrongfully convict an innocent person and that the defendant’s perspective, as well as their data, is presented in court fairly and objectively.

During the times when a defendant is found guilty, a good criminal defense lawyer can help reduce the bail to a fair amount and mitigate the sentence such that it is not too harsh on the client, thereby preserving the accused’s right against cruel and unjust punishment.



The Coin and its Perspectives

As mentioned at the start of this piece, there are two sides to every coin. In order to make a sound and just resolution, a judge must be able to appreciate the facts at hand from the perspective of both parties, as well as taking a neutral perspective that is separate from theirs. It is only when the case is heard from both perspectives and that each side’s merits have been weighed objectively that a judge can arrive at a fair decision. Defense lawyers, like the ones from this federal criminal defense team, protect defendants in and out of court to ensure that none of their rights are being violated.

Criminal defense lawyers do not defend criminals. Rather, they prevent innocent people from being punished, ensure that those who are convicted receive fair punishment, and help maintain the balance between punishing the guilty and defending the innocent.

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