Do More Accidents Happen on The Highway or In Town?

When you’re driving on any road, you’re likely trying to concentrate on operating your vehicle safely to avoid a wreck. However, you may be more nervous about driving on rural or urban roads, depending on your comfort level. For instance, driving in busy highway traffic may be more stressful than driving in town. You usually have to travel faster on the highway and be prepared for lane changes or other cars following too closely, which can be stressful even for people who have been driving for years.

Here are some things you should know about whether accidents happen more on highways or in town. These factors can keep you from getting into an accident and help you receive the assistance you need if you’re in a collision.


How Often Do Crashes Occur on the Highway vs. In Town

Crash statistics and data are classified as urban roads while roads in town are rural. In urban areas, many of the highways contain intersections. Roads in rural areas have different infrastructures, so drivers have to adopt different habits when driving in town. According to 2019 statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the deaths on highways were higher than on rural roads.

There are several reasons why highway accidents are more frequent and life-threatening than wrecks on rural streets. First, people usually drive much faster on the highway, and not all wear their seat belts, although they should. Drunk drivers are also more likely to cause an accident on a highway, and there are more cyclists and pedestrians in concentrated urban areas.

There are times when it is more dangerous to be on the road in metropolitan areas. This can include morning and evening rush hours. This is because the roads are congested, and people may be less likely to pay close attention to the road due to fatigue or being in a rush.

Different Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s crucial to know the types of auto wrecks that can occur so you can avoid factors that lead to accidents as much as possible. Here are some common types of vehicle accidents that can take place when drivers exhibit negligent behavior.

  • Head-on crashes happen on the highway or in town when two vehicles are driving towards one another, and one driver loses control or is driving the wrong way. As a result, the vehicles can crash into each other or strike one another, which can cause serious injuries and damages.
  • Sideswipe accidents often occur on rural roads when cars are moving in the same direction or moving in opposite directions and scratch the sides of each other. These accidents aren’t usually fatal but can still cause serious damage.
  • A T-Bone accident, which is common at intersections, happens when an automobile is turning another car is going through an intersection. As a result, the vehicles can crash into each other, leading to a serious or fatal accident. The impact of this type of accident can lead to severe injuries that could lead to a permanent disability.
  • Rear-end wrecks often occur on rural roads if a vehicle stops abruptly and the vehicle behind them doesn’t have adequate time or room to stop safely. Unfortunately, these types of accidents happen on highways as well. This leads to a crash since the car behind the stopped car will run into the back of the stopped vehicle. This type of accident usually isn’t deadly, but it can still result in serious injuries and extensive damages to the involved vehicles.

How Are Things Different for Motorcyclists?

According to statistics and legal experts, motorcycle accidents are more frequent in those states with warmer climates, as the good weather entertains long bike riding sessions and outdoor adventures. However, it is interesting that most motorcycle accidents occur in urban environments, on city and non-interstate roads. Intersection accidents are rarer for motorcyclists than car drivers. On the other hand, bike riders have a significantly higher risk of accident injuries and fatalities because they do not enjoy the same protection as car drivers do.

For instance, if you’ve been injured or otherwise directly affected by a vehicular accident, discuss your case with a motorcycle accident lawyer. Your lawyer will go over all important aspects of your case and help you organize the information to present in court. Your lawyer will also speak to insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you get all the money you’re entitled to for covering your injuries, damages, and medical bills.

Whether you got hurt in a car or motorcycle accident, it’s best to schedule a consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible after the crash, so your case can be handled as efficiently as possible.


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