Dog Bites in New Jersey

Dogs bite more than 4.5 million Americans every year. Each day approximately 1,000 people go to the emergency room due to an attack. On an annual basis, over 14,000 victims require hospitalization.

If you or a loved one were attacked by a dog, New Jersey dog bite lawyers can review your options for pursuing damages against the offending dog’s owner or anyone else that may be held responsible in accordance with the laws of the state.


Types of Dog Bite Injuries

A bite can have serious consequences. These include:

  • Rabies. Even a minor bite can result in rabies. Immediate medical attention is necessary. Otherwise, there is a substantial chance of death.
  • Punctures and Torn Skin and Muscle. A canine has sharp teeth, so these wounds are common.
  • Nerve damage. Puncture wounds can cause nerve damage, and it can take a long time to recover from such an injury. A lower quality of life is possible if the damage is serious.
  • Infections. Many strains of bacteria reside in a dog’s mouth. If you suffer a bite, the bacteria can enter the bloodstream and harm you.

Law of Dog Bites

In New Jersey, a dog owner is liable for the bite if you’re in a public place or lawfully in a private place (like the owner’s property), regardless of whether the dog has a history of aggressiveness or not.

Damages for a Dog Attack

There are several kinds of damages that may be recoverable. The first is reimbursement for the costs associated with any medical care you received. This can be a significant amount if you were seriously injured and ended up in the emergency room or hospital.  You may also incur future or life-long medical expenses.  You can also receive compensation for lost wages for the time you missed at work due to medical treatment or recovery. Monetary damages are also available for Pain and suffering associated with your injuries. Finally, if the dog owner knew about the vicious inclinations of his dog and let it run free anyways (gross negligence), you may be entitled to punitive damages.

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After an Attack

If you’ve been bitten, let the owner know, get the contact information of any witnesses, and seek medical attention. Even if the bite appears minor, rabies or infections are possible.  Report the dog bite to local law enforcement.

New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyers

Suffering from the pain and injury of an attack is hard enough without worrying about how to pay medical bills and other costs. Our dedicated dog bite lawyers are available today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Call us at (908) 279-7979 or contact us here.

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