Emerging Tech to Prevent Distracted Driving: What You Must Know

In a 2013 study conducted by ResearchNow, the researchers found that nearly half of adults admitted to texting while driving. The number increases even though we all know that it’s illegal and extremely dangerous to text while driving.

It seems that distracted driving is claiming more and more lives every year, although awareness campaigns, new traffic laws, and hefty fines are in place. Unfortunately, most victims of distracted driving are not drivers but cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists.


If a distracted driver hits you, causing vehicle damage or injuries, you should talk to an Indianapolis accident attorney. They will evaluate your case and guide you through the process to get the compensation you deserve. Also, get an attorney if your distracted driving caused material damage or injuries. You need the best defense you can get, as most states show little to no leniency for distracted driving.

What Is Distracted Driving?

As you know, distracted driving doesn’t solely involve you using your cell phone. There are several factors contributing to distracted driving, and they include:

  1. Cognitive distractions: taking your mental focus away from the task.
  2. Visual distractions: taking your attention away from the road and
  3. Manual distraction: using an object while you drive (a phone or even a sandwich).

Driving while talking or texting on a cell phone involves all three forms of impairment. Unfortunately, car manufacturers cannot make you a better driver. However, the automakers provide several technologies to keep you safe when facing distractions.


Examples of Technological Solutions to Reduce Distracted Driving

The use of the following cutting-edge technologies can help mitigate distracted driving:

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

When your car crosses a lane marking, and the blinker isn’t locked in, the system issues a warning or physical warnings like a vibration in the seat or steering wheel. Additionally, modern lane-keeping assist systems can help you keep your car in its lane by adjusting brakes and steering to keep you on track.

Forward-Collision Warning (FCW)

The FCW provides you with an audible, physical, and visual alarm to warn you of an impending collision with another car. According to experts, rear-end collisions are less likely to happen to vehicles with FCW.

Crash Avoidance Technologies

Accident reduction technologies with automatic braking scan the environment in front of your car to alert you of threats such as people, stopped vehicles, and animals. The technology can also automatically brake to help you avoid a collision. For instance, these crash prevention technologies will step in if you attempt to find a parking spot in a crowded parking lot or if you are in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Voice-activated Controls and Hands-free Connectivity

You can communicate and control smartphones and media devices without using your hands using Bluetooth in nearly every car on the road today. It is also possible to use voice commands to control a range of car systems and functions, such as your cell phone, an audio system, a navigation system, and other electronic systems using voice-activated controls.

Cell Phone Blocking Techniques

Using a phone while driving is one of the most common causes of distracted driving and traffic fatalities. Blocking apps and devices for cell phones specializes in preventing unwanted disruptions. Therefore, although rejecting incoming calls may seem impolite, you should consider road safety before anything else.

Apart from text and call blocking, blocking technology can also detect a car’s speed, warn distracted drivers with alerts, block audio sounds, and send alerts to parents concerned about their children’s texting and talking habits. The irony is that 82% of drivers feel additional pressure to take their phone calls from family members, who may be phoning to warn them about the dangers of driving distractions.

Groove by Katasi

Groove by Katasi is a compact module that fits into your car’s cigarette lighter connection. The system keeps track of drivers and their mobile phone providers. They are notified right away and instructed to hold all incoming calls, texts, and social media updates until further notice. The multifunctional plug also restricts you from sending messages while allowing you to use your music and navigation apps. In addition, the module automatically displays all your messages and calls missed when the engine turns off.

One Tap

One Tap is a security feature that does more than turn off incoming texts and calls. Thanks to the software, callers can’t get through to you while driving, blocking all incoming messages and calls. The software also keeps track of how long you’ve been driving without being distracted, how fast you’re going, and how often you’ve ignored a yellow traffic signal. The feature also reports your child’s driving habits, which might be helpful if you need to keep an eye on your beginner teenage driver.

Bottom Line

Distracted driving claims the lives of around 3,000 individuals every year. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Therefore, drivers should be aware of what is and isn’t appropriate on the road.

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