Exploitable Legal Loopholes You Didn’t Know Exist

Exploiting the law to extract personal financial gain while hurting others is an abhorrent thing and is normally defined as criminal behavior. At the same time, there are some legalities in which things are kept relatively ill-defined, intentionally so. Within that gray area, the difference between right and wrong feels murkier, and it can be difficult to know when a small loophole that can serve you and your family turns into a menacing bit of darkness. If you found yourself in a particular dilemma and having trouble figuring out if a legal loophole is OK and works well for you, then this primer should help elucidate a few key points.

Damages for Corporations

There is a big difference between corporations and people, no doubt about it. Besides the huge revenue streams and the ability of having tax havens in far off places – which is a big, exploitable legal loophole – there is one more crucial difference. Did you know that things like car tickets or speeding violations can be written off as a tax deduction at the end of the year? If not, then it’s not due to any fault of your own: this is a luxury afforded to people who work in the higher echelons of a corporation. If that sounds like you, then you’re in luck!


Carrying Cannabis?

While marijuana smoking has become legalized in a few states, and the movement shows no signs of stopping, it has yet to be legal in quite a few places. Conceivably, that should make it illegal to transport from one state to the next, and it should be banned on flights between the two states on opposing sides of the law. However, there is a small, totally legal loophole around this. If you are flying in from a state that has legalized marijuana – say, Illinois – and going to a state that hasn’t yet – perhaps New Jersey – then it should be illegal for you to carry the weed on a flight. However, if you put all the marijuana and attendant brownies or gummy treats in a checked-in bag, that is absolutely fine. It seems a bit convoluted, but it is legitimate.

Getting Out of a Fight

If you have had the unfortunate experience of getting into a fight and being accused of assault and or battery, then the outlook can be pretty dark, unfortunately. However, the expert lawyers at belenlawfirm.com will tell you that there is a huge difference between assault and battery that can be a game-changer in some cases. Basically, battery entails an accusation of causing extreme bodily harm to a person and emotional distress. The penalties are therefore incredibly high and can include jail time. Assault, on the other hand, is typically defined as a “grade C” level violation, entailing an unintentional altercation that may have led to some kind of physical or emotional harm. The penalties are likewise much less severe.

Knowing your rights as a citizen are incredibly important. Otherwise, you have no real understanding of whether justice has been served. At the same time, because the law is imperfect, you might need to look to the loophole available on the books in case it helps. 

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    Do legislators intentionally leave loopholes in a new law or not?

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