Follow These Insurance Claim Tips After a Car-Truck Accident

Automobile accidents involving a truck, car, or motorcycle are common. How you file and follow up on your insurance claim can make a big difference. Filing an insurance claim after a car-truck accident may seem confusing.

An attorney will help you understand the process and advise you regarding your best options. Here we will offer some tips for filing and pursuing a claim after an auto accident, including how to retain legal counsel and gather valuable evidence.


Retain Legal Counsel From a Truck Accident Attorney

It is essential to retain experienced legal counsel. Professional truck accidents lawyers will ensure that you understand all your rights and options. Your attorney will also review your claim with you before filing it. They will go through the process with you and give you the best advice on the steps you should take to follow through with your claim.

When choosing an auto accident lawyer, pick one experienced in car-truck cases. Look at their qualifications, accreditations, and the types of cases they have handled before. This will give you a sense of your attorney’s good judgment and knowledge based on the incident you are claiming.

It will also allow you to determine how their prompt response and communication with the insurance company will affect your case.

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Gather as Much Evidence as Possible

The more evidence you can collect and present, the better your chances of receiving a settlement in your favor. You should consider securing photos, videos, and police reports.

Research any available records on the vehicle that hit you, including the number of prior accidents in which the driver was involved. If possible, try to record the driver’s personal information and license plate number. This will help track down the details of their insurance company or employer when filing your claim.

Get any names and contact numbers for witnesses as well. Medical records, hospital bills, and doctor notes can also help bolster your case. Consult your attorney to determine what best suits you and your situation.

Be Careful About How You Speak to Insurance Representatives

Insurance adjusters may call or contact you after a car-truck accident. They may be very persuasive and even offer to help settle your claim. Be polite, calm, and professional. Don’t let them anger you or pressure you into giving a settlement amount.

While it may be tempting to release your frustration, doing so can result in them denying your claim or lowering the compensation you receive for your injuries. By being polite, you can avoid this problem. The adjusters may also try to trick you into admitting fault by asking questions that can be answered in more than one way and then using your answer against you.

Don’t allow them to trick you into saying more than is necessary. Be vague when answering questions. This will enable you to consult with your lawyer while providing the insurance company with the details needed to process your claim.

Be Wary of Documents You Are Asked To Sign

Insurance companies may require you to sign documents or agreements their representatives tell you are necessary before receiving a settlement. Don’t blindly sign these documents. It is best to take the time to read them carefully and make sure they are what they seem to be. Make sure everything you sign remains confidential until it is time to file your claim.

If you don’t understand something in a document, call your attorney or ask them if they can clarify it for you. Some details can get hidden in the fine print. Check for clauses that change your situation in a way that benefits the insurance company instead of you.

Don’t Give Up

Your auto accident claim may take time to process and receive compensation. Don’t give up. Keep checking in with your adjuster periodically to make sure everything is going as expected on their end. If you have questions or concerns along the way, don’t hesitate to contact your attorney again.

It is also important to cooperate with any other drivers involved in the incident and their insurance company representatives. If you are working with an auto accident lawyer, they may send requests for needed information or materials. Make sure you respond promptly and professionally to these requests and follow through on any instructions they give you.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer

While receiving compensation after a car-truck accident may seem stressful, working with professional truck accident lawyers can make the process much easier. They will guide you through the entire claim and help ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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