Gun Control in the U.S. — the Most Frequently Discussed Topics

Dealing with recidivism is key to solving violence. Today in the U.S., firearm killings are the 2nd leading cause of death among young people under the age of 19. Every day, 13 children die from firearms. Therefore, reducing the number of crimes committed with this type of weapon through gun control is one of the urgent problems of the U.S.

A Few Words About Pros and Cons

Liberals believe that to solve this problem it is necessary to tighten control measures over the acquisition and possession of weapons up to its complete ban. In substantiating their position, the liberals put forward the following arguments.

  1. The more people have weapons, the higher the crime rate. 
  2. Owning a weapon boosts the risk of being killed. 
  3. Taking a firearm from criminals prevents serious crimes.

Conservatives believe that weapons or the best gun safe under 500 in the law-abiding citizens’ hands deter criminals from attacks.

Conservatives advocate retaining the right to purchase, own, carry firearms. They refer to the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution guaranteeing this right. Conservatives say the weapon itself doesn’t kill anyone. It becomes a murder weapon in the hands of people. Therefore, penalties for the use of weapons for criminal purposes should be toughened and those who committed the crime should be more strictly controlled.

What Will Reducing Lead to?

Taking weapons away from criminals is a tempting goal and an attractive propaganda slogan. But no one knows how to even approach it. For example, the latest law enforcement initiative in some states that decided to pay money for each unit of illegal weapons handed over to the police failed miserably.

The past American experience shows that a ban on the sale of goods that are in demand among the population leads to the emergence of a black market for prohibited goods. So it was during the Prohibition, and today with a drug sale ban. The black arms market in the U.S. is currently prospering. Tighter rules for acquiring weapons will not affect those who buy weapons on the black market. Therefore, it is almost impossible to take away weapons from criminals.

Different Regions

The level of murders per 100 thousand inhabitants in 107 countries of the globe where the possession of weapons is prohibited is from 2 to 46 times higher than in the U.S. For instance, the killing rate in Mexico and Russia is 4 times higher and is 2 times higher in such large Muslim countries as Pakistan and Indonesia.

The U.S. is in first place for 100 thousand people in the number of firearms stored in specialized safes from jons guide. In terms of killings, Russia is in 27th place, Switzerland and Finland — in 46 and 63 places, respectively.

In the latter ones, the majority of the adult population owns weapons legally, while the crime rate in these countries is low. Although in the U.S. the number of firearms bought is the highest in the world, the country is not in the top ten in terms of crime rates. Thus, the statement of liberals that the more law-abiding citizens possess weapons, the higher the crime rate, is not true.

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