How an Attorney Can Save You from DUI

Has it ever occurred to you that DUI charges can be dropped? And if not dropped, DUI or DWI charges can be lessened for sure. Have you ever been charged with a federal offense of the sort? Then it is time for you to talk to a DUI attorney.

Understanding DUI as an offense

Driving under the influence may cause trouble for you in multiple ways, but everyone makes mistakes. That is what these specialized attorneys are trained to help you with. For starters, driving under the influence can be a federal offense if having your blood alcohol level rises more than 0.05% – 0.08%. You might be charged if your alcohol levels rise to 0.12%.


How Can a DUI Attorney Help?

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, over 1.4 million Americans were arrested over the last five years for DUI. Most of the cases did not deserve such harsh charges. For that purpose, DUI attorneys are often hired to help win a DUI charge before the case goes to trial.

There are plenty of benefits of hiring a DUI attorney. Some of them are:

  1. Your license might get revoked or suspended. A DUI attorney will help, support, and defend you in ways that will not only lessen your penalty. They can also make a motion with your local DMV to get your license back.
  2. DUI charges can be aggravated and severe, depending on the level of the offense or if you are a regular offender. The consequences may change from time to time. A DUI attorney understands the ins and outs of the legal system can help you reduce the sentence.
  3. If you’re a first-time offender, the prosecution will have a plea already prepared for you. But sometimes, things don’t go your way, and you may need to contact a DUI attorney to do the talk for you.
  4. An experienced attorney with decades of expertise under their belt, such as one of these Atlanta DUI lawyers, will help you save both time and money by performing a proper analysis and navigating the courts. With one such lawyer on your side, your case will most probably end in a dismissal, or you could get away with just a warning.
  5. The likelihood of a case being dismissed is higher when a DUI attorney is around. They know how to make a motion, use the given evidence against the prosecutor, and defend your case. But this will only happen if the case goes to trial. Mostly with an attorney onboard, cases are dismissed pre-trial.
  6. Some DUI attorneys have relations with the prosecutor, and if your offense can be neglected. The case is dropped pre-trial. This helps you save time, money, and energy.
  7. If, however, your case goes to the trial, an attorney can help wrap up the case in a short time. Either the case will be dismissed or the penalty lessened.
  8. A DUI attorney knows how the local justice system works; they fully understand how to reduce the sentence, negotiate with the prosecutor, and defend a case. Without a DUI attorney, most people end up behind bars for far milder offenses.
  9. DUI cases are different and can serve as a way to tarnish your reputation. For this purpose, a DUI attorney will make sure that they remove the DUI records completely. This helps first-time offenders or minor offenders to get another chance.

What Is a DUI Attorney?

DUI lawyers are criminal defense attorneys specializing in DUI and DWI cases. These attorneys practice DUI law and pertain to the state that they practice in. Like other lawyers, they need to pass the Bar license exam, but the bulk of their training focused on DUI cases.


Their job is to help their clients brief on the extent of the offense, the penalties, and possible solutions. These attorneys aim to dismiss their clients’ cases pre-trial. And if the case does go for a trial, they know exactly how to defend you using the legal system. They can reduce your penalty, leave you off with a warning, or have a plea ready for you.

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