How an Injury Lawyer Can Help With Your Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are often used for when you want to receive a claim when a grievous injury takes place. You’ve always paid a premium to your insurance company but at the eleventh hour, when you need to claim funds for an injury, they back out. This can happen for a number of reasons and they only give you a single result; ruining your peace of mind. Hiring a personal injury lawyer from a reputable organization such as Folger Law Firm can help you get back the monetary claims that you deserve.

Denying any liability

In order to receive compensation from your insurance provider, you’ll have to prove that the other driver caused the damage and it wasn’t your fault. Unfortunately, some insurance companies try to spin things around in the opposite direction and make it appear like you were the one responsible. These are some of the dirty tactics insurance companies play in order to save their money and not give you a claim. In these circumstances, a personal injury lawyer can take matters in her/his hands and help you receive your claim. After all, they know the law by heart and they’ll use their knowledge to the best of their abilities.

Using recorded statements as a way to get out of a situation

Before an injury claim can be filed, your insurance representative might tell you that he or she needs a statement that will help with the verification of facts. This is yet another tactic used by several insurance companies that ends up being used against you. This can often happen before you have cannot consult with your personal injury lawyer, and it can mean that you won’t be compensated later on. For example, you were in a hurry to reach your car and during this mini journey, a car collided with you.

The insurance representative might come up with an excuse saying that because you were running at a frantic pace, you weren’t looking out for yours or others safety. In these types of scenarios, it is best not to talk or get riled up against the insurance representative or the driver. If you haven’t hired a personal injury lawyer, it is best that you do so and start taking his or her advice on how to proceed.

Medical release documents

One other way how an insurance representative can be working against your interests is through a medical release document. In order to obtain an insurance claim, the person will need some medical release papers in order to verify your injuries and see if you deserve the claim or not. However, what is really happening is the insurance representative gains your entire medical history and in comes another devious tactic.

The insurance company can go through your previous injuries and say that the current injury is not from the accident, but because of something else, denying your claim. In this scenario, a personal injury lawyer can provide the insurance company with the necessary medical records to file a claim. Also, you don’t need to sign a medical release for the insurance company before you don’t consult with your lawyer.

This reasons don’t undermine the services that insurance companies provide to customers. There are some highly reputable organizations out there. However, not all of them will be working with your best interest at heart. For those that are working against you, it’s always prudent to hire a personal injury lawyer that will make things simpler for you.

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