How to Create a Safe Environment in Your Firm

Every business has an obligation to keep their office environment safe. Aside from doing so to avoid lawsuits, you want to create a comfortable place for your employees to work from. Having said that, every so often, you should be reviewing your office space to see how you can make it safer. There are a number of ways that you could do this, and the starting point should be coming up with a checklist so that nothing gets left out. Continue reading to find practical ways that you can create a safe environment in your firm.

Declutter Often

Office spaces can become just as cluttered as homes. Commit to decluttering periodically so that you have more storage space and reduce the likelihood of accidents. To declutter your office, resolve to sort, move, and donate items. For instance, if you have paper work that can be filed digitally, do so and throw the paper copies away. In the same regard, if you’ve got old furniture or faulty equipment, donate it and free up space.

Check for Fire Hazards

One of the many ways to create a safer environment is by reducing as many potential hazards as possible. Fires are a common hazard that you should especially look out for. Check your fire alarm and be sure that it’s working properly. To prevent a fire in the workplace, use surge protectors. This should help prevent electrical fires which could be triggered by overloaded outlets or power strips.

You could also regularly check your equipment for signs of frayed or exposed wires. In the instance that a fire ever does occur, it’s important that you get as much help as you can. Your insurance company may end up settling for less than you deserve, so consult a fire damage attorney for advice as soon as it happens.

Review Your Floorplan

Your office floorplan could either promote safety or be a recipe for disaster. Look carefully at yours to see whether or not there’s room for improvement. A good floorplan should ensure there’s enough room for people to move around and also keep walkways clear. Functionality is also a key element, so be sure people can easily get to appliances such as the printer or fax machine and access supplies. Investing in multi-purpose furniture may also help you save space and make the best use of what you have.

Reinforce Safety

No matter how many safety measures are put in place, if staff aren’t aware of them, it could be less effective. Don’t forget to update your health and safety manuals and train staff regularly. They should be aware of office rules and such rules should be reinforced. For instance, your staff should know how to be prepared for emergencies and how to report an injury and get first aid in case of an accident at work. Doing so should help staff make more of a conscious effort to take the necessary safety precautions and reduce the risk of accidents occurring.

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