How Fire Restoration Specialists Can Help Build Your Fire Litigation Case

In 2019, there were approximately 354,400 fires in residential homes. Half of these were from cooking, and about 1,900 led to a fatality. Fire victims often wait months for insurance to pay out damages, and sometimes the parties can’t come to an agreement, so there could be no payment at all.

This can mean a loss of home, valuable property, and thousands of dollars of incurred expenses. Fire restoration specialists can help speed up the case by offering valuable insight into the circumstances surrounding the incident. They can assist your attorney in building a strong claim on your behalf.


How Fire Restoration Specialists Can Help Build Your Fire Litigation Case

Fire restoration specialists work for the property owner, not the insurance company, so they can assist property owners in their fire litigation claims. They can provide proof of the damage caused by the fire, work that had to be done, and any special restorations made.

They can also attest to whether or not residents were able to be in the home during the restoration process. They can even assess whether smoke detectors were working or if there was faulty wiring in electrical systems. All this helps an attorney negotiate on the client’s behalf and can help them determine who should be held responsible for damages.

If it comes to it, a fire litigation attorney in California can help recover expenses incurred from fire damage and loss if the insurance company will not settle appropriately. They can file a claim with the insurance company on the property owner’s behalf and negotiate with the insurance company. Unlike an insurance agent, a lawyer will always represent your best interest.

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Restoration Specialists Help Keep You Safe

Once the fire department has been called, it might be tempting for homeowners to attempt cleaning on their own, but it’s better to call a specialist. Depending on the type of fire, using certain cleaning supplies might further damage the property. Floors, walls, and ceilings could also be unstable after a fire, and breathing in lingering smoke and soot can lead to further injury.

Instead, homeowners should call the insurance company, which should provide contact information for local fire restoration specialists. In the case of renters, it’s important to have renter insurance because the property owner’s insurance doesn’t cover the renter’s things. Tenants should immediately call the landlord, who should contact the insurance company.

Even if the fire restoration specialists are called by the insurance company, they work for the property owner. Usually, they:

  • Assess the damage to the building
  • Determine the costs of repairs
  • Restore the property

Fire Restoration Specialists: Building the Case

Fire restoration specialists know how to repair the damage from different types of fires, including wildfires, electrical fires, cooking fires, and more. They can remove the smoke odor and the soot, restore carpets and upholstery, replace broken windows, and even repair walls, ceilings, and flooring.

Depending upon the severity of the fire, it may be impossible for residents to continue living or working in the building. This adds additional costs for hotel stays obtaining a rental property, and purchasing clothing. It’s very important to save the receipts for all related purchases because most of them should be covered by the insurance company.

Seek Legal Guidance

Sometimes, however, the insurance company won’t pay, even when the claim was filed appropriately. When this happens, it’s time to contact an attorney.

Fire litigations can lead to compensation for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, emotional distress, and wrongful death compensation. Fire restoration specialists can work with the attorneys to provide a bigger picture of the damage that was caused and the repairs that had to be made.

They can also help pinpoint the cause of the fire to determine who should be held responsible. They can be the foundation for the entire case, ensuring attorneys can help homeowners get the most money possible.

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