How Long Do Insurance Companies Have to Settle a Claim in Texas?

If you’ve been injured and you’re waiting for the money you need to cover your bills, you are most likely wondering how long it’s going to take for your claim to be settled. This is a stressful time in every injury victim’s recovery because you may even be willing whether or not they’ll settle at all of if they’ll force you to take them to court.

Insurance companies in Texas have around 15 days to decide whether to approve or reject claims. However, the length of the claim’s approval process can be extended to another 45 days if the insurer has enough grounds to do so.

How to Deal With Insurance

While the insurance payout process in Texas is a speedy one, it is vital to keep your insurer on their toes. Do not allow them to drag their feet when it comes to paying you any compensation you may be entitled to. To learn more about the types of compensation you may be entitled to, go to this page.

Some companies are straightforward in handling their claimants, but others employ delay tactics to wear you down. They may put up unnecessary administrative hurdles to make you want to give in and accept a low settlement.

The Texas Statute mandates the insurer to observe the following rules relating to the stipulated 15-day period of your claim:

  • The insurer should confirm that they have received your claim.
  • The insurance company should embark on an investigation into the claim
  • The insurer should request the necessary information, including forms and statements, to help with the investigation
  • The insurer is obligated to notify you regarding whether your insurance claim was denied or accepted

If your insurer fails to acknowledge their reception of the claim, they can be held accountable for violating the Texas Statutes. If they reject your request, the statute stipulates that the insurer must provide the reasons for the denial.

Can The Process Be Expedited?

The statutory time frame that insurance companies have to stick to when looking into your claim is never shortened. However, there are certain practices you can use to help speed up the process. For example, sending in your forms and statements as quickly as possible will work out in your favor.

Try compiling as much relevant information as you possibly can after an accident. The types of information that are supplied to the insurance company include accident reports, eyewitness statements, and your completed proof of loss form.

Factors That Can Make Your Claim Take Longer

Although they are rare, various factors can affect the length of a claim. Some of these causes can cause a delay in the usual 15-day response:

The Complexity of Your Injuries

Sometimes an accident can aggravate a pre-existing illness or injury. In these cases, a physician would require some more time to discover when the patient is likely to recover. The insurance company would have to wait until they have this information for the claim to be adequately outlined.

A Low Settlement Offer From the Insurance Company

At times, insurance companies may offer a low amount or even reject a claim. The claimant in these cases can choose to appeal the rejection of the small settlement offer. However, to do so would drag the settlement process out longer.

Other Issues With the Claim

Insurance investigators fight fraud by using many tactics. If there is something unusual about your claim, the insurance company is likely to take longer to investigate it. When possible, you should make a claim within the first ten days of the accident. Note that taking long to file your claim might get you flagged suspicious activity. This could lead to delays in your claim.

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