How Much Money Is a Slip and Fall Lawsuit Worth?

It is important that you understand the average settlement for a slip and fall lawsuit. You can check out our guide here to learn more.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, up to one million slip and fall incidents end up in the emergency department every year. They also happen to make up a large proportion of workers’ compensation claims.


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Would you like to know if you can potentially collect from a slip and fall lawsuit? Read on for essential information and what steps to take if you experience a slip and fall accident.

In the Workplace

Slip and fall injuries can be common at your workplace, depending on your industry. For instance, these types of issues happen much more in construction zones or warehouses rather than in an office setting.

If you happen to have a slip and fall accident while at work, then you may have a right to workers’ compensation benefits. These often include cash payments from disability insurance and coverage for your medical bills as a result of the injury.



Your workers’ compensation claim can also include reimbursement of wages lost because of the workplace accident. If you had to stay home and recover after the slip and fall incident, then you may be compensated for that time in lost wages.

At a Business or Establishment

Many states mandate that businesses or establishments have something called premise liability. Premise liability means that if an accident happens on the property, then the person who owns that property could be liable for injuries that occur.

Some of the factors to consider if you have a slip and fall accident in a business include whether there were appropriate warning signs or if the owner knew about the problem and did not do anything to fix it.

The amount of money awarded for this type of lawsuit can vary based on how bad your injuries are and other factors. You can also try to get coverage for medical bills associated with the injuries.

In an Assisted Care Facility

Slip and fall accidents can be especially common in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. In fact, falls, in general, are one of the leading causes of injury, or even death, in many of these types of buildings.

If you experience a slip and fall incident in your nursing home or assisted living facility, then you should immediately try to file a claim with the building owner’s insurance if you want to be compensated.

Most of the time, these conflicts can be solved with a settlement between the parties. If not, discuss the option of bringing your case to court with your legal team if you decide when to hire a slip and fall lawyer.

What to Do Next: Slip and Fall Lawsuit

If you think that you might have a good case for a slip and fall lawsuit, then you should consider contacting an attorney. Once you get the process started, you can find out if you may be eligible for any sort of compensation.

Would you like to learn more about different types of lawsuits or finding an attorney for any of your legal needs? Take a look at our blog for all of the resources and information you will need.

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