How to Remove Mugshots from Search Engines

A single Mugshot can have bad implications for the rest of your normally decent life

When a mugshot is made available online it affects your reputation and impacts many other aspects of your life and typically becomes an inconvenience that is hard to overcome.

Mugshots have become a particularly profitable interest for tabloids in recent years

For better or worse, the general public has an interest in who is landing on the wrong side of the law and a tabloid industry has been fueled by this natural curiosity. Now there are many high traffic websites that provide extensive images depicting regular people at a low point alongside a full description of their police records and full name.

There are even social media accounts run by law enforcement agencies that post the names pictures and ages of certain perpetrators as part of their social media strategy to deter crime.

Do You Have questions about online reputation management? Talk to an expert.

It is getting more and more popular to “Google” someone’s name to learn more about them and this could mean that mugshots come up on the search results and mugshot removal is required. This is such a pervasive issue that major news networks have done special stories about them. This can be an especially big problem for you if mugshots are the dominant topic in your image search.

The popularity and accessibility of websites that make this type of information available also mean that damaging information may be the most interesting content connected to your otherwise illustrious record –– this can make it difficult to make new friends and acquaintances.

Mugshots can seriously impair your professional reputation

According to the statistics posted by CareerBuilder, more than 70% of all employers will do a simple Google search on their potential employees before hiring them. And more than half of these have admitted to not even giving those with mugshots or criminal records another glance. Poor online reputation is a bad thing in the professional world and unfortunately a mugshot can be one of the worst things to have commanding that top position of your search results.

This is an especially difficult prospect when you consider that, according to the Brennan Center for Justice, the number of Americans with criminal convictions is roughly the same as those with four-year-college degrees.

A mugshot can follow you even if you have no criminal record

A mugshot can even cause a problem where three usually is no problem. For example, law enforcement will typically close the records and withhold information on juvenile crimes, to prevent youthful indiscretion from destroying a young life later down the line. But if they had made the information public at some point, the information could be copied and pasted a millions times and in the worst possible places. To say that getting your good name cleared and your image disassociated with the mugshot would be expensive, is a vast understatement.

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  1. Grregory Baker says:

    Thank you for giving me back my hope! I’ve been w/out work for 2 and a half years plus and still getting nothing but rejection emails from potential employers. I don’t know if it is more because of my felony so many years ago or if it is simply a matter of having NO real experience even though I have the degree. Still submitting those resumes and applications though for every job that gets posted in the medical field that does NOT include actual clinical duties. Admin, records, things on THAT side of the medical field where I don’t have to deal with shots, or anything in the clinical end of the field, that’s what I’m hoping for. I have LOTS of experience in the Admin side of any business, but not in medical…

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