How to Beat a DUI Charge

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous and irresponsible. It can endanger the lives of other drivers, pedestrians, as well as the occupants of the vehicle being driven by the impaired driver. It is not surprising that the public has such a dim view of drivers who operate their vehicles under the influence. The courts are similarly unforgiving and often hand out harsh sentences for DUI charges. It can be difficult to beat a DUI charge, but it is not impossible; you will need the assistance of the best DUI lawyers to do so and with their help, you can avoid having to face the harshest penalties.

Inaccurate Breathalyzer Tests

When you get pulled over because an officer suspects that you may be under the influence, they will usually conduct a breathalyzer test to determine your BAC (blood alcohol content). However, these tests are not foolproof and will sometimes show false positives. Factors like the size of the individual, their gender, their physiological differences from other drivers (partition ratio), and the breathalyzer’s margin of error can result in the device indicating that a person is drunk even when they are not. If a breathalyzer test is what led to a DUI charge, then a good lawyer will be able to contest the results of the device.


Field Sobriety Test Difficulties

Aside from the breathalyzer, one of the ways that police officers determine whether a driver is drunk is through the use of field sobriety tests. You are probably familiar with some of these from pop culture even if you have never had to experience one yourself. They involve the driver performing tasks like walking in a straight line, reciting the alphabet backward, or standing on one leg. Many of these tests are difficult even when sober so the fact that a person suspected of being drunk fails them should not be proof of impairment. There could be other reasons why someone fails a field sobriety test:

  • They could be nervous or intimidated by the officer
  • They could be suffering from a medical condition that affects their balance
  • Their clothes or shoes could be impairing their movement
  • The surface where the test is conducted could be uneven or slippery
  • The area where the test took place is poorly lit

Any of those reasons, or a combination of two or more of them, could result in a failure of the field sobriety test. A lawyer could easily make the case that their client failed the field sobriety test for reasons that do not involve impairment.

Inaccurate DUI Blood Test

Another, more accurate way of determining someone’s BAC is via a blood test. However, there can still be errors in DUI blood tests that result in a false positive. It can take some time before blood samples get analyzed and during that time they can decompose or ferment, both of which can result in alcohol where there was none previously. A DUI lawyer can prove that DUI blood tests are not fool-proof by filing a motion for the samples to be retested and finding out how they were stored in the first place.

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Mistaken Impairment Symptoms

Police officers look for certain physical indicators to determine whether someone is impaired or not, but in some cases, those indicators may be caused by other factors. For example, the driver being unsteady on their feet could be caused by an injury. Bloodshot eyes could be caused by allergies or fatigue, as could slurred speech. A lawyer can argue that their client was unjustly charged with a DUI because their impairment symptoms had a more innocent explanation.

No Probable Cause For Vehicle Stoppage

An officer will command a driver to pull over if they believe that said driver might be impaired. The officer may suspect impairment if the suspect was driving erratically or recklessly, but there could be legitimate reasons for bad driving. Bad weather or a poorly maintained vehicle could make it seem that someone is driving erratically. If your lawyer discovers that you were stopped for illegitimate reasons, then they can ask any evidence gained from the stop to be dismissed.

Make Sure To Fight Your DUI Charge

A DUI charge can have serious repercussions on your driver’s license and on your life in general, which is why it should not be taken lightly. If you have been charged with a DUI and want to avoid all the punishments and penalties that stem from such a charge, then you should hire a quality DUI lawyer as soon as you can. They will do everything in their power to fight the charge and make sure that your driving record remains clean.

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