How to Deal With Your Insurance Company After a Truck Accident

You may be unsure what to do immediately after a truck accident in Atlanta or the surrounding regions. If you or your passengers are injured in the crash, you should follow procedures to safeguard your health and legal rights.

These procedures may also help you prove that the other motorist caused the collision and that you are entitled to financial compensation.


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Initial Preparations

By carefully controlling how you deal with the crash scene, you may be able to help a vehicle accident claim move more quickly. If there is severe property damage or injury, call the police immediately.

Document the Scene

Await the arrival of the cops while you take note of the responsible driver’s insurance and driver’s license. Using your phone to take a snapshot of that critical information might make it simple to keep track of the important information.

Collect relevant data from the accident, including:


  • Photographs from the scene
  • Photographs of the automobiles involved in the collision
  • Document any damage to the surrounding area
  • Document your injuries
  • Witnesses’ contact information

Collaborate With the Police

Avoid making statements that would admit even partial responsibility for the collision after the police arrive. Also, it is best to speak with caution to the responsible motorist. Offer the authorities whatever information you know about the crash, but don’t make any remarks that minimize the conduct of the other motorist or imply that you are culpable.

Contact a Lawyer

To begin the claim procedure, contact your insurance provider. If you were injured in an accident, you should speak with a lawyer before filing a claim. An attorney can assist in guiding you throughout the claim process and guarantee that you do not mistakenly restrict the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive.

How an Attorney Can Assist You

A truck accident lawyer in Atlanta will assist you in dealing with your insurance company. The legal expert will take the following steps:

Step 1: Present Concise Information to the Insurer

The information and evidence gathered at the scene will come in handy. The photos taken at the crash site, the witness accounts, and all other records will be presented to the insurer for consideration. This information will help you prove liability and establish the claim’s value.

Keep meticulous records of all transactions and communications with your insurance provider relating to the accident. Retain copies of your:

  • Health records
  • Diagnosis
  • Doctor’s prescriptions
  • Repair quotes
  • Police reports
  • Other documents or proof related to the crash

Step 2: Evaluate the Case

The insurance companies will assign a percentage of culpability to each motorist involved in the collision. In many circumstances, one motorist will bear 100 percent of the blame for the crash.

In other cases, the insurance providers may conclude that one motorist is to blame for the majority of the collision. In contrast, the other driver is responsible for a fraction of the mistake: 10%, 20%, or more. The compensation the motorist with the smaller culpability proportion might obtain for the accident may decrease significantly.

Step 3: Negotiate an Offer

The insurance company will make you a settlement offer based on the amount of money they believe you are entitled to for your damages. However, in many cases, that proposed settlement will not represent the entire remuneration you are entitled to for severe injuries caused in the vehicle accident.

In reality, you may be offered a settlement that is just a fraction of the total amount of compensation you seek for your losses.

The Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend

Working with an experienced Atlanta-based truck accident attorney may greatly aid the negotiating process. A lawyer can provide you with a clearer understanding of how much compensation you truly need for your automobile accident damages and push for it.

A legal expert may also assist you in dealing with the insurance provider as efficiently as possible, putting you in a more robust negotiating position and increasing your chances of receiving the amount you deserve.

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