How To Effectively Communicate With Your Lawyer

Speak With Respect

It is important to understand that lawyers have gone through intensive professional training to earn the position they are in. They have been trained to fully understand the law, advise their clients in the correct manner of the law, as well as representing their clients in a court of law. The majority of lawyers also have a vast amount of experience.

When you address your lawyer, always show a sense of professionalism and respect. In turn, you will receive the same level of cooperation and respect.


Judge Dan Hinde

Many lawyers can read people quite well and if they feel as though they are not being treated with a certain level of respect, they may not continue to act on your behalf.

However, this does not mean that you need to fear your lawyer. Lawyers are human beings who are trying to look out for your best interest and will do all they can to make you feel at ease during this process. Contact FINRA arbitration Lawyers.

Treat With Trust

Just as you would respect your lawyer you should trust them as well. Dishonest or incompetent lawyers are quick to lose any reputation or trust they may have had.



If you are unsure of which lawyer you should trust, you may want to consider word of mouth recommendations from friends, family, and co-workers.

Trusting your lawyer is essential to create a good working relationship in which they will be able to work on your behalf and give you all that they have.

Honesty Is Essential

You want a lawyer that is going to be able to represent you in the best light possible, however, you are going to have to be completely honest with your lawyer no matter what you think it will do to your case.

If you lie about the facts of your case or get the story wrong in the early stages of the process, it is going to make it much harder for your lawyer to create a proper defense, it is also going to hurt in the courtroom where facts and consistency are essential to winning a case.


The law is all based around facts. Your feelings and emotions have no impact in a court of law and will have no factor in the judgment. You will need to focus on the facts of the case and ensure that your lawyer knows everything that is relevant and that you comply with everything that they ask of you.

Rational And Calm

You will always want to stay ration while discussing your case with your lawyer. Keep your emotions under control throughout the process and the case will go by much better. Bringing your emotions into the law office or court could effect the overall professional relationship.

Lawyers understand the feelings and emotions that you are feeling, however, they want you to remain cool and collected throughout the process. They are there to help present the facts of your case to a court of law and with all of the best intentions win your case. Always keep your emotions in check through the process and treat your lawyer correctly. You will find that some basic repect and cooperation will go a long way in helping to build a good relationship with your lawyer that will help ease the burden of the case.

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