How To Find Out if Your Hernia Mesh Has Been Recalled

Medical emergencies like hernias often require immediate attention and surgery to minimize damage and pain. This is a common issue that millions of people deal with each year. Even with quality medical professionals completing the surgery, it is still possible for patients to experience complications.

If the hernia mesh is a threat to patient safety, the product can be recalled from the market to protect patients from future harm. You can access an updated list of product recalls on the Food and Drug Administration’s website.


Why Is Hernia Mesh Used?

Hernias happen when an organ or intestine pushes through the muscle. This often happens in the abdominal area and can be visible when an affected person strains or bends over. Certain lifestyle choices can increase the occurrence of a hernia. Some risk factors include obesity, smoking, and persistent coughing.

Medical experts can monitor the condition to see if it worsens or it can be treated with surgery. Hernia mesh may or may not be used in the surgery, depending on the patient’s condition and the preference of the medical professional. The mesh serves to support the injured tissue.

Most hernia surgeries use mesh to improve patient outcomes and minimize the risk of hernia recurrence. Even with the many benefits of using hernia mesh, many complications could affect the health and safety of the patient.

What Are the Potential Complications of Hernia Mesh?

While most medical professionals expect some side effects, different issues have led to brands issuing a hernia mesh recall. While most of the complications are just uncomfortable, some may be deadly. Patients may experience constant pain, intestinal blockage, abdominal bleeding, or infection.

While some patients have higher recurrence rates due to their lifestyle choices, a faulty hernia mesh increases that possibility and worsens health outcomes. Fistulas or connections between essential organs and tissues can form, there can be fluid buildup, and other life-threatening complications.

How Do I Find Out if My Hernia Mesh Has Been Recalled?

If a patient begins experiencing any side effects after their hernia surgery, they should contact their medical professional for an examination. The physician will perform a physical to determine if the mesh is at fault and decide if another surgery is necessary.

Physicians have more up-to-date information on recommended hernia mesh options and reasonable side effects. If the original hospital where the surgery was performed is reluctant to release timely information, get a second opinion from another physician. Every patient deserves accurate information about their surgery and the tools used as soon as possible when their lives could be in danger.

While waiting for information from the hospital, search the Food and Drug Administration’s website for any recent news. The FDA maintains a database of product recalls that anyone can search through for factually verified information. It is essential to opt for trustworthy and authoritative resources.

While news articles can show past mesh recalls by a specific brand, that may not reflect the model that’s currently being used in surgery. Trust medical professionals and factual sources like the FDA to determine if the hernia mesh used was recently recalled.

Maintain all correspondence and information concerning the surgery and hernia mesh complications. Many patients who experience issues after their hernia surgery are qualified for legal action against the hospital or mesh brand. Contact a legal professional as soon as possible to learn more about the options available to disadvantaged patients.

Dealing With a Medical Emergency

Dealing with a medical emergency like a hernia can be exhausting and terrifying. The situation can be made much worse when considering the possibility of a mesh recall that could negatively affect health outcomes and lead to painful side effects.

Take the proper steps before surgery to ensure that the products and brands used are safe. Immediately report side effects and maintain clear lines of communication with hospitals, physicians, and law professionals.

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