How to Find the Best Lawyer for Your Bankruptcy Case

It’s a dreaded day when you receive notification from the bank that you’ve defaulted on your mortgage or loan, and the creditor is starting to reclaim your home. Your house is where your family feels safe and is your most treasured investment. Whether financial hardships or unexpected expenses got in the way of making payments, your situation isn’t a lost cause. If you find yourself in this predicament, there are lawyers who can help you stop foreclosure in Michigan on your home. However, what lawyer should you work with? Here are four tips to utilize when looking for someone to save your house.

1. Make sure the lawyer you’re considering is in good standing.

The internet is such a valuable tool. You can find almost anything you’re looking for and have the information in a matter of seconds. Use the web to look up information on possible lawyers. Check if they’ve paid their dues and are in good standing with the bar association. Before you even set up a meeting with them, you can learn a lot while doing research beforehand.

2. Check out the lawyer’s reviews.

Using the internet again, you should be able to find client reviews or newspaper articles on cases they’ve fought and how the case ended up. A lawyer’s reputation is pretty easy to come by, and you want to make sure the person you’re considering is in good standing with people they’ve worked with. If you can’t find anything on someone, that may be a red flag. Have they not fought or won any cases, or are people not satisfied with their work? Take this into account when searching.

3. Meet with your possible candidates.

Meeting someone in person will let you see if your personalities work well together and whether or not you feel like you can trust the person. A good working relationship with a lawyer is ideal in making you feel confident as the case proceeds. In addition, during the first consultation, you need to understand the financial requirements. Do they charge a flat fee, or are they billed hourly? You’re already in a tight financial situation if you’re considering bankruptcy, so the more you know up front, the better off you’ll be by the end of the case. Once you both agree, make sure there is written documentation about financial commitments moving forward.

4. Come with questions.

When interviewing multiple candidates, the more you come looking to find out, the more information you’ll get out of the meeting. Ask the lawyer for references and clients they’ve worked with, so you can hear directly from someone else about how they represented them. Ask about their experience and legal track record. You want to know you’re working with someone who’s represented a case like yours and feels fully confident in their ability to win for you. There are many lawyers out there, so you can be choosy in hopes that you’ll get the best outcome possible.

Having to file bankruptcy may make you feel totally lost and out of control. However, the more you’re able to surround yourself with the best legal counsel and advice, the better off you’ll be with winning your settlement and getting back to enjoying the home and life you love so much.

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