How to Improve Your Avvo Rating

Smart consumers scour reviews about businesses or products before making a final purchase decision. This consumer behavior is also used when consumers search for an attorney to meet an unmet legal need.

If you are an attorney, it is likely that you already have a profile on, but if you have not actively claimed the profile, your Avvo profile presents as unfinished/unrated. And while some attorneys debate the validity of the Avvo Scoring model, the narrative that follows details the following –

What is an Avvo Score?

According to, an Avvo score is its algorithmic effort to assess/evaluate/calculate an attorney’s background – and this is key, based on the data that is within a lawyer’s Avvo online profile, public sources, and other legal/lawyer internet websites. Avvo’s algorithm accounts for professional factors like – professional recognition, legal career achievements and years practicing law, to maintain neutrality. emphasizes that any information or data that influences an attorney’s Avvo rating will be visible on their corresponding profile. Potential Avvo Scores and their related designations include –


Avvo Rating
9.0 – 10 Superb
8.0 – 8.9 Excellent
7.0 – 7.9 Very Good
6.0 – 6.9 Good
5.0 – 5.9 Average
4.0 – 4.9 Concern
3.0 – 3.9 Caution
2.0 – 2.9 Strong Caution
1.0 – 1.9 Extreme Caution

Why is Having a High Score Important?

In terms of SEO for attorneys, Avvo is considered among the most influential of online legal directories. As such, it is likely that new potential clients may first find you, as their attorney, on Given this, your profile may become their first impression of who you are as a legal professional. It also makes your Avvo score a vital marketing tool; one that should never be overlooked.

How to Improve your Avvo Rating

In addition to the built-in algorithmic profile calculations, attorneys can improve their Avvo scores in several ways.

First and foremost, it is vital for an attorney to claim their profile and attach professional external links to create a comprehensive profile and snapshot of your professional experience and legal expertise.

To edit an Avvo profile, an attorney must claim their profile. Once claimed, a profile begins with an average score of 5.9 – a mid-starting point from which to reach for a perfect ‘10.’

Consider including these other options when completing your legal professional profile –

  • Link other lawyer rating groups that you may belong to show consistent ratings across the industry rating specialists.
  • Gather client testimonials and peer endorsements.
  • Maintain an up-to-date and complete profile.
  • Share accomplishments, published articles, courtroom victories, speaking engagements, and awards, to name a few.

In its application, Avvo facilitates the profile completion process by offering checklists and progress bars to discern what, if anything, has been omitted quickly and with relative ease. Ultimately, the objective is to complete the profile entirely, which includes these categories, among others –

Contact Info Associations Client Ratings Headshot Education
Fee Schedule Media Licenses Awards w/Dates Media
Practice Areas Publications Speaking Engagements w/link to the event Languages Peer Endorsements

Note that the practice areas delineated on your Avvo profile are critical as these practice areas act as key search terms for potential clients.

It is also essential to understand that overlooking and neglecting any Avvo profile area will negatively impact your Avvo algorithmic rating. Your Avvo profile is not the place to practice modesty as professional recognitions, achievements, and awards help define who you are as a member of the legal profession.

The Take-Away

Improving your Avvo score takes some effort, but well worth the investment in your practice. If you are still undecided, answer this question – Would you choose to hire an attorney with a rating that indicates strong or extreme caution, or an attorney without a rating?

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