How To Prevent Jeep Accidents

Jeeps have been in the market since the ’40s and have only gained more popularity over the years. Like any other vehicle, Jeeps can break down unexpectedly if you don’t take proper care. You might think it’ll be challenging, as the sheer size can be intimidating to some. Ensuring you have the best jeep battery for the trip and zero leakage is just touching the surface. We have uncovered more common yet critical issues in this article. In this, we have listed out several problems that jeep users face along with the solutions to prevent freak accidents.

Common Issues Jeep Users Face And Quick Solutions

Death Wobble

People who go off-roading frequently have a higher chance of experiencing death wobble. When you are going on full throttle and come across a bump or rock, the steering wheel might shake or vibrate harshly. This is called death wobble, and you can stop this by slowing down. Even though there hasn’t been any fatal accident due to the wobble, it can cause you to lose control over the steering quickly.


Failing Off Throttle Positions

Not cleaning the jeep frequently will lead to clogging in position sensors. Blocked sensors lead to jerky motions and sudden stalling. Hence, it’s advisable to clean your jeep up every alternate week and wax them at least twice each year. In case they get blocked unexpectedly, and the jeep breaks down, wipe the sensors by using the paper towels. Make sure you always carry some of them along with a throttle body cleaning spray.

Corrosion Of Tail Light Circuit

Taillights are essential when you are driving during the night or evening. Not being able to see can take you off the road in a second. The first impression is that maybe the light bulb is broken, but that might not always be the case. If the circuit board for the taillights has become rusty, then no matter how many bulbs you change, they won’t work. In such cases, getting the board replaced is the only option.

Failing Transfer Case

The transfer case ensures seamless transmission to the necessary parts of your jeep. They have a system to keep the gears greased and working smoothly. Over time, though, the grease is bound to leak. If you ever notice it leaking, take your jeep to the mechanics to prevent any accident. Else if you can do it yourself and have the right tools, then go ahead.


If you like to go off-roading often, then keep checking the air filter before each trip. Dusty road and sand can knock off the wheel alignment over time. That doesn’t mean you should stop off-roading; make sure you check the alignments. It’s also advisable to get your wheels aligned every three months.

Battery Maintenance

No matter which model or brand your jeep is, changing the battery in 3-4 years is a must. Jeep batteries can last up to 4-5 years, depending on how you treat them. Hence, keep checking on them every once in a while. They will accumulate dirt over time, clean them when it starts. Also, check if the cables are tight or not, they shouldn’t move.

Tips On Jeep Maintenance

  • Conduct checks monthly to make sure the pressure, batteries, and sensors are in good condition.
  • If the jeep treads over water high enough to raise over the wheels, replace the fluid in the differentials as a preventive measure.
  • Cold isn’t good for your jeep batteries. During the winter, consider getting a battery heater. The battery should always be warm, no matter the season.
  • You should do a monthly battery load test to find out how the battery is holding up and if there’s anything wrong with charging.

Enjoy Your Safe Ride

The key to keeping your jeep safe is to be consistent with its usage and observations. You don’t need to use it every day but keep taking them out once in a while. If any part is failing, there will be warning signs; heed them. The fundamental factors that play an essential role are the state of the battery, sensors, alignment of wheels, and cables. So make sure you have your wheels aligned, tight wires, and the jeep battery for your next adventure.

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