Is Police Involvement Necessary for a Car Accident?

Sometimes one gets in a situation after an accident, especially if it’s a minor accident, and wonders whether they must or is it necessary to call the police. Under certain conditions, one must call the police immediately if an accident happens as a police report will act as an essential piece of evidence moving forward. However, in some other situations, there are cases where one doesn’t need to call the police to notify them of an accident. It might be allowed or not enforced in some states, but in other states, it’s a legal requirement that one should notify the police immediately whenever an accident occurs.

It applies to even accidents that one might consider minor as a police report might expedite the process of identifying who was at fault in such an accident. It is imperative when in the future one needs to file a personal injury lawsuit, and they have a police report to accompany their claim. It’s up to the victim in a car accident to decide when to call the police or not when they get involved in a minor car accident. Depending on which state one gets located in, there are varying laws around car accidents.


In some states such as California, when an accident occurs, however minor it is, it’s a requirement by law that the two vehicles involved in the accident stop. It is crucial as it allows the parties involved to exchange contacts and other necessary information as obligated by law. On the other hand, if a driver decides to drive away, this gets considered a hit and run, and one gets compelled to involve the police, and worse, such an action comes with hefty penalties than it would have caused in a typical standard accident.

If two vehicles collide or hit a stationary object while on the road, it’s a requirement by law that such a driver must stop and immediately notify the highway patrol of such an incident. There are locally available numbers where one can reach the police immediately apart from the official 911. If the situation is an emergency, various states have emergency response numbers to contact the police directly. In cases where severe injuries after an accident or death have occurred, it’s not up to the driver to decide whether to call the police, but the police must get notified. In a situation where there are no injuries, there is room for not informing the police.

Going by the advice of a car accident attorney in Richmond, it’s advisable to notify the police of any accident as it will count in your insurance claim.

Therefore, it’s essential to involve the police in a car accident despite the magnitude of the accident. Some of the reasons it’s important to consider involving the police in minor car accidents include the following situations.

Uncooperative Driver

The victim from the other vehicle involved in an accident might not cooperate even when the fault is on their side. In such a situation, the responding police officer will be of much help in ensuring cooperation. Sometimes, if the accident was minor and there were no injuries involved, drivers decide to exchange contacts and other information instead of calling the police; this is allowed to cooperate.

During an accident, one does not understand the actual motive of the other party and takes their word as it should not get taken lightly. First, it’s important to note that the other person is not known to you, and there is a possibility of playing a hide and seek game after leaving the accident scene. No one should convince you not to call the police if you feel it’s an issue requiring an official police report writing.

If one happens to have any doubt, no matter how cooperative the other party is, it’s recommended that they always get the police involved. The responding police officer will ensure that you leave the accident scene with an official police report and determine who was at fault. So, one does not have to decide whether the other driver is honest with you; it’s always good to play it safe and have the police involved.

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