Just a Couple of Drinks… How a DUI can Destroy your Life

We’ve all probably experienced the effects of too much alcohol. Whether you’re out with friends and letting your hair down, you’re drinking with colleagues and decompressing after a long day, or you’re just at home relaxing after the kids have finally gone to bed. Thankfully, very few of us can say that we’ve experienced the idiocy of getting behind the wheel after too much alcohol and potentially ruined someone else’s life. Speak to a PI injury law firm in Bronx if you’ve been involved in a car accident that could have been avoided. 

If the idea of ruining someone else’s life isn’t enough to put you off driving drunk, then perhaps the following reasons will. Read on for how a DUI can utterly destroy your life. 


Judge Dan Hinde


Bad news travels fast. And if you’ve been pulled over, arrested for drunk driving, spent the night in the drunk tank and had to get someone to come and collect you, then it won’t be long before everyone knows about it. No one wants to be that person. The person who thought it was OK to get behind the wheel after a few drinks and nearly cause an accident. 

It’s very difficult to recover from this kind of damage to your reputation. As well as whispers behind your back, you may find you lose a lot of friends after doing something so dumb.

Car insurance

We all know how expensive driving a car is. From monthly payments, repairs and maintenance costs, to fuel and of course car insurance. However, if you’re caught drunk driving and you don’t immediately lose your license, then you can expect your car insurance payments to go up dramatically. If you’re charged with a DUI then that makes you a high-risk driver. This kind of increase can make driving incredibly expensive and you wouldn’t be the first to have to give up driving completely because of the cost. 



You could lose your job

In some circumstances, your career could be at stake. Losing your license or being convicted of a DUI could mean you’re no longer able to do your job. Especially if your role involves an element of driving. Alternatively, if you’re in a job of high standing or you work for an office that has a professional reputation such as a teacher, a doctor or even a lawyer, then your employment may be terminated. 

Your finances will be impacted

We’ve mentioned above about the increasing costs of insurance after a DUI conviction, however, other expenses could lead you into a precarious financial situation. If you lose your job then you’ll struggle to keep yourself afloat financially, you’ll also be facing drug and alcohol assessment fees, car repairs and towing costs, legal fees, driving school costs, DUI programs and even public transportation costs if you no longer have access to a vehicle. 

Final thoughts…

Driving whilst under the influence can have a seriously negative impact on your life. If you’ve been involved in a road accident with a drunk driver speak with a PI lawyer as soon as possible. 

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