Legal Technology Solutions: We Service People, Not Computers

Legal Technology Solutions exist to provide top notch customer service, with HONEST, professional and easy to understand (and to follow) advice, which helps to ensure that your technology makes all that you do possible and easy, and that your technology works just as hard for you, as you work for your clients.


Legal Technology Solutions specializes in serving the technology needs of those who work in the legal field.

As a technology company that serves the people in the legal profession, they handle all your technology needs from advising you on the right hardware and software choices, to providing helpdesk services for day-to-day support.

Their services include much more behind the scenes too – They offer their clients network security, configuration and maintenance, CLE classes, a variety of cloud services, cyber security audits and services, and many other technology enhancements to keep your practice running efficiently, securely, and smoothly.

Their clients include all types of firms and practices that provide legal services. Some are ‘solo’ practicing lawyers, while others are larger firms with dozens of attorneys and many legal support professionals. No matter how big or small you are, they always pay attention to the PEOPLE the technology is intended to serve.

They understand that as a legal professional, you have plenty of things to do, strict deadlines to meet, and meticulous documents to produce.

They take their clients to the next level because they understand the application of advanced technology in the business of law.


Beits Livneh moved to Arizona from Israel in 2000. Since then, he got married to my wife Christina and they have four children (9 year old daughter, and 11 year old triplets).

His background in I.T. started back in Israel when he was only 15 years old. He received more official training in the Israeli Intelligence Force, and worked at a Microsoft college as an assistant system administrator.

As an opinion leader and educator in the legal field in Arizona, he is orchestrating several educational and networking groups of lawyers and professionals who service the legal field, and acts as the director of education for NALS.

Livneh is also part of the technology committee for Scottsdale Unified School District, and teaches CLE classes for the state bar, east valley bar, AWLA, NALS and many other groups and associations.


How often do you call a business and can hear the happiness of the person who answers the phone?

Their clients do! And they do, because they consistently invest in their internal team and support staff, so THEY can deliver consistent amazing service, gain more technical and business knowledge, understand the legal world better, provider more accurate recommendations and options, and help their clients when patience and professionalism is needed the most.

They understand your ABA regulations, the daily challenges legal team might experience, preventing issues and educate your employees on how to avoid downtime, keep your network (and reputation) secured, finding solutions to problems that haven’t surfaced yet, connecting you with new technology solutions and options that they found by doing their ongoing research, understanding your URGENCY and deadlines, and acting on your requests immediately when needed.

Anyone with a little technical knowledge can install a printer, or remove a virus. They believe it takes true dedicated professionals like us to bring REAL business value to a firm.

As an introduction to their service

they are offering a comprehensive audit of your network and computing environment free of charge! This “health check” will identify potential vulnerabilities and give you the peace of mind that everything is working properly and that sensitive client and practice data isn’t compromised. Contact Beits Livneh to discuss.

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